My Weekly TNA Notebook

The Katz Files – Arnie Katz
My Weekly TNA Notebook
The Kingfish Arnie Katz wrestles with some of the major issues raise by the 10/8 episode of TNA’s weekly TV show.

The Foley-Abyss War

TNA has changed the direction of this feud substantially and has violated its continuity in the process. They did t so cavalierly that it raises the question of how they expect fans to take the show seriously when its creators don’t care enough to tie up lose ends and avoid contradictions.

Though the change was made in ham-handed fashion, the decision to base the fight on gimmick infringement is sound. The original premise, which revolved around a not-very-good poster, simply didn’t have any potential fan interest.
Less praiseworthy is the way Foley summarily ended the Bounty plotline. If he had the power to do this, why didn’t he do it when he and Abyss were friends?
Some would say that having Foley kill the bounty angle was unnecessary. It was already quite dead and ready to be forgotten by all concerned. It led to the lame feud between Dr. Steve and Kevin Nash didn’t exactly enhance it, either.

Kong: Should She Stay or Should She Go?
Rumors of Awesome Kong going to WWE continue to circulate. Whether or not there’s any basis in fact, it raises some intriguing and provocative questions.
The first one is: should Kong go? Most TNA fans would say “keep her,” but that could be the wrong choice for both the performer and the promotion.
A move to WWE certainly makes sense for Kong. The money would be tremendous and it’s not as though TNA is doing much with her or for her at the present time. By the same token, TNA might find it advantageous to let her go. They haven’t come up with a decent program for Kong in over a year, so why not let her go and apply the money to acquiring and/or keeping other talents.
Another question is: What should WWE do with Awesome Kong if they sign her? WWE has two women who would look creditable against King, Beth Phoenix and Michelle McCool. They could give one of the women’s titles to each of them and have Kong conquer each of them in singles matches, maybe both on the same PPV. Then they could have a Unification Three=way in which the winner gets the Unified Women’s World Championship.
There is one factor that might give TNA pause. Losing “the most dominant woman in professional wrestling” would be negative public relations for the company. That’s not enough to keep TNA from pulling the trigger when Kong’s contract runs out.
Stories are circulating, often citing Booker as the source, that Booker T will return to WWE when his contract expires in November.
This sounds like the right move for all concerned. Booker T arrived in TNA as a star and he will leave as a mid-carder. It is partially the fault of the bookers and writers, but Booker must also accept a portion of the blame. His performances for TNA have been spotty in the ring and downright bizarre at the microphone.
Going to WWE may be just the spark Booker T needs to revive his career for one more major run. WWE could give him strong story support – and jerk the reins a little when Booker gets off the beam with the weird accents and so forth.

That’s all for now. I’ll be back Sunday with a fresh installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising pro wrestling column. I hope you’ll join me then and, please, bring your friends.

— Arnie Katz
Executive Editor
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  • Paolo

    Hey Arnie. First time reading your column. I must say, I agree with your take on Abyss/Foley. I’m still not sure what exactly TNA’s plans are with Mick. It seems like weekly, they’re switching him from face to heel, and back again. I’ve been a longtime Mick Foley fan, and right now, I can’t decide how to feel. With his feud Kurt Angle, Jeff Jarrett, Sting, and now Abyss, it seems like they’re just trying to run him through all the big names in TNA just to say he faced them. Now, if they want to go with the “gimmick infringement” angle with him and Abyss, I would be okay with that, except didn’t Mick give Abyss that blue flannel? So, can you beat up ago for infringing on your gimmick if you gave the guy part of your gimmick? Very confusing.

    Now, as far as Kong goes, I know she’s been played with in TNA over the last few months, but you can’t seriously believe that she would be better off in WWE. Let’s face it, WWE is not for women who are real athletes and can really wrestle. It’s for attractive women to do hand-spring elbows and pretend to be tough. Look at Gail Kim, she’s a perfect example. She came into TNA, pioneered the Knockout division, then went back to WWE to be a serious contender, and she’s been buried and misused. The same thing would happen to Kong. I mean, there are barely any women in WWE that could put on a good match with her, Mickie James, Beth Phoenix, maybe Michelle McCool. We already know Gail can put on good matches with her, but could you imagine the prospects of Kong vs. Kelly Kelly, or Eve Torres? I mean, those matches would be laughable. In TNA, at least we know she’s got ODB, who can tell good stories with her; Taylor Wylde, yes, she’s maybe become a little complacent, but after this Knockout tag team crap dies down, she can at least be rejuvenated into another solid singles run; and we’ve really only scratched the surface on what a real Kong/Tara feud could bring. The problem is, it has to be more in the ring action, and not just run-ins and fights on the outside. Give the females in TNA the respect they deserve and put them in real storylines. This could work MUCH better in TNA than in WWE. If she went there, she’d have a strong push for the first couple of months, then be used like the female version of The Great Khali (only actually able to wrestle); powerful, destructive, imposing, but how many squash matches can you really watch, and then they’re just left with no clue what to do with her. I say, she should stay in TNA and keep being what she is, instead of being buried in the WWE. Just my opinion.

    I have been a lifelong wrestling fan, going back to the late ’80’s with WWF Wrestling Challenge and Superstars. I remember watching Shawn Michaels superkick Marty Jannetty through the window of “The Barbershop”. I have even gone so far as to take friends of mine who were skeptical of the business and turn them into serious fans like myself. I would LOVE to hear back from you, and get some feedback from you on my opinions. Hopefully, now that I’ve found your column, I can continue to respond and create a regular dialogue. I look forward to hearing back form you.

    Paolo “The Italian Stallion” Velella