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My Weekly (7/19) TNA Notebook

The Kingfish Arnie Katz provides insight and analysis based on the 7/28 episode of iMPACT.

TNA is certainly pulling out all the stops on iMPACT over the last month or so. Every card features at least one match that would be acceptable on a pay per view. Thanks to the excellent tag team series with the Motor City Machine Guns and Beer Money, there are often two or more.

Even the return of Hulk Hogan couldn’t totally kill TNA’s momentum. However, it is impossible no to be impressed by the Hulkster’s willingness, and ability, to perform so strenuously so soon after back surgery. His act needs an overhaul, but I admire his spirit.

Let’s look at some of the things that happened on the7/28 episode….

EV 2.0 and Other Oddities
TNA doesn’t have a knack for names and calling the hardcore contingent “EV 2.0” should be ample truth of that. Even something generic like “The Extreme Team” would’ve been better. They didn’t even bother to say that “EV” stood for “Extreme Violence.”

A propos of Hulk Hogan and pain, the segment he did with EV 2.0 ranks as one of TNA’s most painful pieces of video I’ve ever seen, right down there with Hogan and Bischoff turning on the fans, when the crows didn’t roar approval for the return to the four-sided ring.

Hulk Hogan was in the ring to put over EV 2.0. That was his job and that was his mission.

He failed.

He not only failed, but he actually damaged the faction and the angle. His half-hearted cheerleading and his inability to give ECW any legitimacy or credit made the whole segment humiliating for the EV 2.0 faction and embarrassing for the rest of us.

Let’s hope that this is not a prelude to a feud in which EV 2.0 will play heels to Hulk Hogan’s babyface. I don’t think fans see the situation that way and it would negate a potentially hot angle with very little up-side for TNA as a whole.

In Praise of Eric Bischoff
It’s unfair to criticize Hulk Hogan for bad acting without also praising Eric Bischoff’s work on this episode of iMPACT.

He has the strongest air of menace of anyone since Peter Lorre. Even when he says complimentary things, there’s a disturbing undercurrent that says to fans, “Don’t trust this guy!”

That ability to work on both levels simultaneously made his in-ring stint the non-wrestling highlight of this episode of iMPACT

That’s all for today, but I’ll be back on Thursday with another installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising pro wrestling column. I hope you’ll come back then and, please, tell your friends about the column, too.

— Arnie Katz
Executive Editor
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