The One That Got Away

Brad Armstrong 2

The Golden Circle: The One That Got Away
By Greg Anthony, OWW Columnist

As a life long wrestling fan not only do you hope, wish and dream about one day becoming a professional wrestler but you dream just as much about getting the opportunity to step into the ring with the very men that inspired you. I’ve been fortunate enough to have some great matches with men that I’ve idolized for years. Now there are plenty of men out there that I would to test my metal against but there is one that I truly regret never having the pleasure of stepping in the ring with and that man is Brad Armstrong.

When young guys ask me who they need to watch to study and become a better performer, one of the first names out of my mouth is Brad Armstrong. He was a wrestler’s wrestler. So smooth in every movement he made. He is the perfect protagonist to any antagonist. My admiration began at a young age for Brad. He was working with Crockett’s NWA and I remember being very excited whenever I had a chance to see him wrestle.

Then there was a Clash of the Champions match with Mike Rotunda for the NWA World Television Championship. Brad was amazing and as a kid I was on the edge of my seat as the match came closer and closer to the time limit. I began to think that Brad might last 20 minutes with the NWA World Television Champion! As the time ran down, Rotunda began pinning Brad furiously one after another but each time Brad kicked out and when the bell rang the crowd erupted because young Brad Armstrong showed how much heart and determination he had by going the distance with a world champion like Rotunda.

Its been almost 2 years now and I think him often. He is sometimes referred to as underrated. Maybe in the pecking order of world champions and pay per view buyrates  but I know he isn’t underrated to me. I know he isn’t underrated to guys like Bobby Eaton and Tracy Smothers. Talent will always shine through. Brad’s been gone almost 2 years, wasn’t on national wrestling television since maybe 2001 and people still speak his name. Brad might be my one that got away but he will never be that far out of reach.

Rest In Peace.