One Last Ride: Undertaker and Kane

Undertaker and Kane

Heel Turn: One Last Ride: Undertaker and Kane
By Joe Messineo

Remember when the Undertaker and Kane were introduced as being brothers back in 1997?

Noted as one of the most bizarre twists in WWE history, the story of Kane and the Undertaker being introduced as half brothers was revealed by Paul Bearer.

As Kane and the Undertaker hashed out family drama in the ring, Bearer claimed that the Undertaker was soley responsible for starting a fire that consumed both of his parents.

That specific rivalry took place in the past and since then, the two competitors have teamed up from time to time.

Since many analysts are predicting that the Big Red Machine and the Phenom will be teaming up in 2015, it could mean that they are back together in alliance for one last ride.

A Look Back at the Brothers of Destruction (1997-1998)

The story between Kane and the Undertaker started many years ago at the hands of Paul Bearer.

When Paul Bearer announced to the world that the Undertaker killed his parents, the other part of the story is that he severely burned his half brother Kane. Hence Kane wearing the mask.

Bearer claimed to have proof that the Undertaker committed these heinous acts against his parents and Kane. Little did the Undertaker know that Kane was still alive and that Paul Bearer had raised him throughout his youth.

While this storyline seems quite bizarre, you could argue that the angle gave birth to a new era of matches hosted by the World Wrestling Federation at the time.

Matches such as Hell in the Cell, The Buried Alive Casket Matches, and the first ever Inferno Match have been popularized by both Kane and the Undertaker.

Events leading to present day 

The Undertaker stepped away from the ring for over a year while recovering from a  a hip replacement.

When the Deadman returned in 2001, the two brother reunited by challenging Edge and Christian for the Tag Team Championships. In fact, the Brothers of Destruction were able to retain the belts after feuding with the former members of the Brood.

As noted, the Undertaker and Kane occasionally reunited between 2006 and 2010. While the two seldomly teamed up, when they did, the Brothers of Destruction proved to be unstoppable.

Feud with the Wyatt Family 

Given Bray Wyatt‘s beef with the Undertaker, it was only a matter of time before the Wyatt Family enticed The Brothers of Destruction.

This is a feud that has the WWE Universe wondering about the future of the veteran superstars. Many fans feels like Kane and the Undertaker could be on a retirement tour of sorts, cementing their legacies against the Wyatt Family.

An upcoming match at Survivor Series won’t be the final destination for the two brothers. Kane and the Undertaker will certainly get their revenge against the Wyatts.

While it is only speculation that the Undertaker and Kane could beat the Wyatt Family, a prudent fan would have to think that the Brothers of Destruction may have an advantage over the Wyatt Family, given the fact that these brothers will both someday be in the WWE Hall of Fame.

— Joe Messineo