Over the Limit Predictions

HeadLocker — Jay Shannon
My Over the Limit Predictions

Our resident philosopher breaks out his crystal ball, tea leaves adn lucky coin to examine and predict the outcomes of the various matches in WWE’s newest Pay-per-View.

The show has gone through several name changes before reaching Over the Limit. This is basically a serious re-hash PPV. Most of the matches are just the repeats of many of the matches from the last few PPVs. Let’s take a look.

John Cena v Batista
I Quit Match

Backstory: Cena and Batista have battled, off and on, for two years now. On the last PPV, Cena used duct tape to strap Batista’s feet together so he couldn’t win a Last Man STANDING Match. This is, supposedly, the final battle between the two.

Prediction: The rumor mill has been running rampant that Batista is ready to be done with wrestling. This would provide the perfect “out” for him. The embarrassment of having to say “I Quit” could be more than Dave could stand. He could bail out. It would also allow him the option, down the road, to return. I think this one is going to have numerous near-quits before Cena breaks out of the Animal Trap to slap on the STF in the center of the ring to retain his title. Cena moves on to Sheamus.

Predicted Winner: John Cena
Predicted Grade: A-

Jack Swagger v Big Show
World Heavyweight Championship Match

Backstory: Swagger cashed in Money in the Bank just five days after winning it. He has managed to retain his title on a couple of occasions. Show is on the rise, again. Show is ready to wear the World strap again…

Prediction: Not going to happen. Swagger has that uncanny ability to come out of these title matches. Obviously, Swagger isn’t going to hit the Gut Wrench on the ginormous one but he will survive this challenge.

Predicted Winner: Jack Swagger
Predicted Grade: B+

Drew McIntyre vs. Kofi Kingston

Backstory: Drew got stripped of the title and fired. Smackdown ran a quick tourney to find a new IC champ. Kofi beat Christian to take the secondary belt. Seconds after the hard-fought battle, Drew showed up with a note from Vince McMahon saying that he was re-instated and the belt was still his.Kofi gets his sorta-kinda rematch in this one.

Prediction: Drew should lose, but he won’t. Kofi hasn’t really done much since his Randy Orton feud. Even if Kofi beats him, I’m sure it will be reversed.

Predicted Winner: Kofi Kingston, reversed by to Drew
Predicted Grade: A- (Match), D (Aftermath)

Rey Mysterio v CM Punk

Backstory: This long and boring feud has seen Rey risk having to join the Straight Edge Society. He’s risking that, again. Punk has put his hair up and kept it. This one is a mix of the two previous stipulations into one chaos slugfest.

Prediction: Kaval, who I believe is the man under the hood, will be the turning point in this one. He is going to get involved and cost Rey the win. Rey has to join the organization, which just might lead to Rey’s first good heel run. Rey needs that.

Predicted Winner: C.M. Punk
Predicted Grade: B

Randy Orton vs. Edge

Backstory: They were a great tag team as Rated R-K-O. It all fell apart. Edge got hurt and Orton moved on. Edge returned and wanted Orton’s spot. The Viper took exception.

Prediction: Does anyone care about this feud? I certainly don’t. I really don’t like either guy so it’s hard to get behind either one. Since Edge seems to be on the rise, while Orton is basically stagnant, I give this one to Edge. It will likely be nasty and maybe even bloody. I was tempted to say that Edge would go for the Spear, only to get R-K-O’d. I think it’s going to happen the other way round. Edge shovs out of the R-K-O and before Orton can recover….Spear!

Predicted Winner; Edge
Predicted Grade: B

The Hart Dynasty v Chris Jericho & The Miz
Unified Tag Team Championship Match

Backstory: On the Draft edition of Raw, The Harts upset Big Show and Miz. Big Show Miz then aligned himself with Big Show’s other former tag partner, Chris Jericho, to form The Elitists. The duo are determined to gain revenge against the Hart family, that also had Bret take Miz’s US title.

Prediction: This one has the potential to be amazing. Sadly, I don’t expect that to happen. There is going to be interference from Bret Hart, count on it. Big Show might also trot out to make life Hell for The Elitists. I honestly expect The Hart Dynasty to come out of this with their titles intact.

Predicted Winners: The Hart Dynasty
Predicted Grade: B

Eve v Maryse

Backstory: Eve basically came out of nowhere to take the title from Maryse. Masyse has since attacked Eve, several times.

Prediction: This is your bathroom break match. Both of the women are passable as Divas but they are not of the talent level of a Beth Phoenix or Awesome Kong. This is a serious fluff match where I expect Eve to retain.

Predicted Winner: Eve Torres
Predicted Grade: C-

R-Truth vs. Ted DiBiase

Backstory: Ted, Jr. got his Trust Fund and wanted his very own Virgil. He approached R-Truth and offered him the lowly position. R-Truth responded by slapping the taste out of his mouth.

Prediction: R-Truth hasn’t gotten a fair shake since coming over from TNA. Ron Killings was a multiple-time World and Tag Team Champion in the Land of Jarrett. In WWE, he has regressed even past his old K-Kwik character of years ago. With the real Virgil at Ted, Jr.’s side, DiBiase is going to all but squash R-Truth. DiBiase will silence the Truth with Dream Street.

Predicted Winner: Ted DiBiase, Jr.
Predicted Grade: B

Final Grade: B-

Final Thoughts: This one is not going to be filled with all that many surprises. Triple H and Undertaker get the night off and the card just doesn’t thrill me. I say that almost every time I do one of these…the WWE really needs to cut back on the number of PPVs. Heck, I’m more excited about seeing B.G. James challenge for the BTW Heavyweight title on Saturday night in Fremont, CA.


–Jay Shannon
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