The Kiss My Ass Club:
Ask anyone what the worst angle ever was, and the Kiss My Ass Club will likely come up on the conversation..

After Vince McMahon successfully flushed World Championship Wrestling from his company, his ego went completely off the chart! He was so high on his horse that he claimed he could get ANYONE to kiss his ass.. The first to do so was WCW Commissioner William Regal.. Vince told Regal he would give him a job in the WWF if he "kissed his ass"! Regal offered to get Vince tea or run errands for him but Vince meant "literally"..

The next victim was WWF announcer Jim Ross, who was extremely reluctant to Kiss Vince McMahon's ass.. The Undertaker came down to help JR but actually turned on him, forcing JR's face into Vince McMahon's bare ass! This took place in JR's hometown of Oklahoma..

The third and final victim was Trish Stratus.. Vince has her on her knees in the center of the ring.. But The Rock came out to save the Women's champion from the ultimate humilation.. It's hard to believe there were only three victims of the K/M/A club, considering it felt like the angle would never end!

But the fun didn't end there.. The Rock won a match with a stipulation that Vince would have to kiss HIS ass.. Rock didn't want Vince's lips on the people's ass, so he brought out Jim Ross, just as Vince was to kiss JRs ass, The Rock stopped him and brought out Trish.. Vince was more than happy to kiss Trish's ass!! But the Rock stopped that too, and brought out his cousin, RIKISHI! The Rock proceeded to shove Vince's face into Rikishi's ass!!!

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