Ring of Honor 2005

Ring of Honor

2005 Results

01/15/2005It All Begins – Boston, MA
02/19/20053rd Anniversary Part 1 – Elizabeth, NJ
02/25/20053rd Anniversary Part 2 – Dayton, OH
02/26/20053rd Anniversary Part 3 – Chicago Ridge, IL
03/05/2005Trios Tournament – Philadelphia, PA
03/12/2005Back To Basics – Woodbridge, CT
04/02/2005Best of the American Super Jrs – Asbury Park, NJ
04/16/2005Stalemate – Dorchester, MA
05/07/2005Manhatten Mayhem – New York City, NY
05/13/2005The Final Showdown – Dayton, OH
05/14/2005Nowhere to Run – Chicago Ridge, IL
06/04/2005New Frontiers – Buffalo, NY
06/12/2005The Future Is Now – New York City, NY
06/18/2005Death Before Dishonor III – Morristown, NJ
07/08/2005Sign of Dishonor – Long Island, NY
07/09/2005Escape from New York – New York City, NY
07/16/2005Fate of an Angel – Woodbridge, CT
07/23/2005The Homecoming – Philadelphia, PA
08/12/2005Redemption – Dayton, OH
08/13/2005Punk: The Final Chapter – Chicago, IL
08/20/2005Night of the Grudges II – Morristown, NJ
08/27/2005Dragon’s Gate Invasion – Buffalo, NY
09/17/2005Glory By Honor IV – Lake Grove, NY
09/24/2005Survival of the Fittest 2005 – Boston, MA
10/01/2005Joe vs. Kobashi – Manhattan, NY
10/02/2005Unforgettable – Philadelphia, PA
10/14/2005Enter The Dragon – Cleveland, OH
10/15/2005Buffalo Stampede – Amherst, NY
10/29/2005This Means War – Woodbridge, CT
11/04/2005Showdown in Motown – Detroit, MI
11/05/2005Vendetta – Chicago, IL
11/19/2005A Night of Tribute – Long Island, NY
12/03/2005Steel Cage Warfare – New York, NY
12/17/2005Final Battle 2005 – Edison, NJ

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