Ring of Honor 2007

Ring of Honor

2007 Results

01/26/2007Dedicated – Braintree, MA
01/27/2007Battle Of The Icons – Edison, NJ
02/16/2007Fifth Year Festival: NYC – Manhattan, NY
02/17/2007Fifth Year Festival: Philly – Philadelphia, PA
02/23/2007Fifth Year Festival: Dayton – Dayton, OH
02/24/2007Fifth Year Festival: Chicago – Chicago Ridge, IL
03/03/2007Fifth Year Festival: Liverpool – Liverpool, England
03/04/2007Fifth Year Festival: Finale – Liverpool, England
03/30/2007All-Star Extravaganza III – Detroit, MI
03/31/2007Super Card of Honor II – Detroit, MI
04/13/2007This Means War II – Long Island, NY
04/14/2007Fighting Spirit – Edison, NJ
04/27/2007The Battle Of St. Paul – St. Paul, MN
04/28/2007Good Times, Great Memories – Chicago Ridge, IL
05/11/2007Reborn Again – Hartford, CT
05/12/2007Respect is Earned – New York City, NY
06/08/2007A Fight At The Roxbury – Braintree, MA
06/09/2007Domination – Philadelphia, PA
06/22/2007United We Stand – Dayton, OH
06/23/2007Driven – Chicago Ridge, IL
07/16/2007Live In Tokyo – Tokyo, Japan
07/17/2007Live In Osaka – Osaka, Japan
07/27/2007Race To The Top Tournament (1) – Deer Park, NY
07/28/2007Race To The Top Tournament (2) – Edison, NJ
08/10/2007Death Before Dishonor V: (1) – Roxbury, MA
08/11/2007Death Before Dishonor V: (2) – Philadelphia, PA
08/24/2007Caged Rage – Hartford, CT
08/25/2007Manhattan Mayhem II – New York City, NY
09/14/2007Motor City Madness 2007 – Detroit, MI
09/15/2007Man Up – Chicago Ridge, IL
10/05/2007Honor Nation – Results from Boston, MA
10/06/2007Undeniable – Edison, NJ
10/19/2007Survival Of The Fittest 2007 – Las Vegas, NV
10/21/2007Chaos at the Cow Palice – San Francisco, CA
11/02/2007Glory By Honor VI Night 1 – Philadelphia, PA
11/03/2007Glory By Honor VI Night 2 – New York City, NY
11/30/2007TBA – Dayton, OH
12/01/2007Unscripted III – Chicago Ridge
12/29/2007Rising Above – New York City, NY
12/30/2007Final Battle 2007 – New York City, NY

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