Windy City Pro Wrestling

Promoter: Sam DeCero

Territory: Chicago, Illinois

Babyface RosterHeel Roster
Windy City Tag Team Division
Babyface Roster
Bruiser Brody
Jim Brunzell
Tank Melson
Stormy Apollo
Hurricane Smith
Steve Regal
Lance Allen
Eddie Strong
Sonny Rogers
Jonnie Stewart
Manny Fernandez
Koko B. Ware
Jim Holiday
Mike Somers
KC Knight
Tarzan w/Jane
Ricky Rice
Steve Boz
Robbie Dawber
Nick Dinsmore
Heel Roster
Abdullah the Butcher
Wahoo McDaniel
Baron Von Raschke
Ken Patera
Greg Valentine
Bam Bam Bigelow
Eddie Gilbert
Larry Cameron
Colonel DeBeers
Dennis Condrey
Randy Rose
Buddy Rose
Doug Somers
John Nord
Tolos The Greek
Jerry Lynn
Jerry Lawler
Christopher Daniels
Samoa Joe
Ron Powers
Female Roster
Candi Devine
Ondi Austin
Debbie Combs
Female Roster
Miss Kitty
Crystal Carmichael
Babyface Tag Teams:
The Beach Boys (????? & ??????)
The Dream Team (Lance Allen & Eddie Strong)
The Golden Boyz (Jim Holiday & Mike Somers)
The Dream Warriors (Screamer & Brood)
Special Forces (????? & ??????)

Heel Tag Teams:
The Tokyo Bullets(????? & ??????)
The Texas Hangmen(Killer & Psycho)
The Terminators (????? & ??????)
Buddy Rose & Doug Somers
The Original Midnight Express (Dennis Condrey & Randy Rose)
The Collection Agency(????? & ??????)
Paul E. Dangerously
Tony Montana
J.R. Dallas
Yugo Odak
Lord Littlebrook
Little Coco
Cowboy Luttrell
Little Tokyo
  • Windy City Pro Wrestling has been running independent wrestling shows for an amazing twenty long years..