Rating the TNA Roster 1

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Rating the TNA Roster, Paty 1

The Kingfish Arnie Katz continues his monthly series that rates each wrestler’s recent performances, analyzes strengths and weaknesses, and even charts future courses for major TNA stars.

Part 1

iMPACT, suddenly wihout warning, as moved into one of its strongest periods. On the eve of Hardcore Justice, it’s time to see how the talent on the rosteris doing..

Mic: B-.
Ring: B
Comment: Now working as a heel again, Abyss is fully committed to the “They” angle. We don’t know yet who “They” is and it won’t be long before a lot of fans don’t I>care who “They” is. Look for this angle to lurch forward at Hardcore Justice or soon thereafter. Either that or, at the nextt taping, TNA ill pretend it never happened.

AJ Styles
Mic: B-
>B>Ring: B+
Comment: The phenomenal One has been the unwelcome recipient of a lot of phenomenal indecision by the bookers. Fans watched the hostilities between Kazarianand tyles build for more than a month, only to have the idea junked just as the climax approached. Styles’ imitation of Flair has alsobeen de-emphasized, which suggests that Fortune will become prominent after the “extreme angle” and, probably,stick around for awhle.

Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin
Mic: C+
Ring: A-
Comment: The Motor City Machine Guns, though stripped of the title they briefly won, are elevating themselves with the program against Beer Money. Even if, as I predict, Beer Money will cop thebelts at the pay per view, the Guns will have solidified their status as one of the top teams in professional wrestling.

Amazing Red
Mic: F
Ring: A-
Comment: All the ring skill in the world won’t help Amazing Red if TNA doesn’t put him in thering on a regular basis. NA should consider putting him into one of those big man-little man teams. He would make an especially good fit with Kevin Nashm whose experience with Rey Mysterio would be very valuable.

Angelina Love
Mic: B
Ring: B+
Comment: She’s going to be champion again, of course, because she is simply the best TNA asin the Knockout Division. When Love wrests the title from Madison Rayne, probably at Hardcore Justice, the Mystery Woman in Leather will step foward to challenge her.

Brian Kendrick
Mic: D
Ring: B
Comment: Kendrick works well, but there is zero story support and, therefore, no motivation for anything he does. He has been a good mid-carder in the past and could be again, but only if TNA gives him something to do.

Brutus Magus
Mic: N/A
Ring: C+
Comment: He has returned, to some extent, from his exile on Epics. This time, they are mostly callinghim “Magnus.”Aface turn and a program against Williams or Terry might give a better read about whether or not he is a keeper.

Mic: D
Ring: N/A
Comment: Sometimes, I wonder if anyone at TN has a true feel for developing talent. Just when Chelsea seems to begetting the hang of her role, TNA has begun treating her like the forgotten woman.

Christy Hemme
Mic: B-
Ring: N/A
Comment: The Lady of a Thousand Hairstyles does a nice, understated job as TNA’s backstage interviewer. I thinkfans enjoy the variety of seeing her change her look every couple of episodes, but she needs to learn to make more consistently good fashion choices.

D’Angelo Dinero
Mic: B-
Ring: B
Comment: He’s back from injurt and working his way back into the storylines. It looked like they were getting ready to reintroduce him as a heel, but perhaps the strong pro-Pope fan reaction caused TNA to scrap, or at least postpone, that move.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another part of my TNA roster ratings. I hope you’ll join me then and, please, bring your friends.

– Arnie Katz
Executive Editor
[email protected]