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Rating the TNA Roster: June, 2010

The Kingfish Arnie Katz continues his monthly series that rates each wrestler’s recent performances, analyzes strengths and weaknesses, and even charts future courses for major TNA stars.

Part 1

This is definitely going to be “TNA Week” here at “The Katz Files.” I’ll have a column every day, leading up to one of the promotion’s major annual events, Slammiversary It’s starts today, with the first section of my monthly roster review and will finish up on the weekend with my Slammiversary preview and predictions.

Mic: B- He’s on the right track.
Ring: B His matches have become more interesting with less use of tacks.
Comment: The Chelsea angle shows that you can take a fundamentally bad idea and make it even worse with poor implementation. This is a plot straight from Texas in the 1970’s ad that’s not exactly appropriate for a national promotion in 2010. The saving grace is that it may all lead to a hot match at the PPV.

AJ Styles
Mic: C+
Ring: B+
Comment: The rivalry between him and Kazarian for the affection and approval of Ric Flair is somewhat more entertaining than just having The Phenomenal One do a weak imitation of The Nature Boy. Flair sent him home. It would be nice if Styles came back with a renewed sense of commitment and a vow to end the evil he helped start.

Alex Shelley/Chris Sabin
Mic: C+
Ring: A-
Comment: The Motor City Machine Guns never get the complete push justified by their evident talent. If TNA doesn’t think they are a big-time tag team, maybe it’s time to break up the duo.

Amazing Red
Mic: F
Ring: A-
Comment: He’s a forgotten man.

Angelina Love
Mic: B
Ring: B+
Comment: The one-time leader of The Beautiful People has been very quiet this month, possibly due to an injury. Certainly, there’s no reason for TNA to cool off on her, since she combines good looks with good work and good mic skill.

Brian Kendrick
Mic: C=
Ring: B
Comment: His post Paul London career hasn’t gone very well. WWE put him in a lame gimmick and TNA hasn’t done even that well by him.

Brutus Magus
Comment: He’s no longer on the roster, so he’s probably gone.

Bubba the Love Sponge
Comment: A mass of sound and fury signifying nothing, he is gone.

Mic: D
Ring: N/A
Comment: She hasn’t blossomed despite the big push. Now TNA has reportedly signed Katie Lea Burchill, which may have an adverse effect on Chelsea’s career.

Christy Hemme
Mic: B-
Ring: N/A
Comment: She has pretty much settled into her role as backstage interviewer. Her look goes up and down in quality from taping to taping.

D’Angelo Dinero
Mic: B-
Ring: B
Comment: He has been sidelined with an injury, but is reportedly going to return a little later this summer. He was on a roll when he went to the DL. TNA should give him a big push when he is ready to rumble.

I’ll be back tomorrow with another part of my TNA roster ratings. I hope you’ll join me then and, please, bring your friends.

— Arnie Katz
Executive Editor
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