Rating the TNA Roster 4

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Rating the TNA Roster 4

The Kingfish Arnie Katz concludes a new, monthly series that rates TNA wrestlers’ recent performances, analyzes strengths and weaknesses, and even charts future courses for major TNA stars.

Part 4

Slammiversary is always a watershed for TNA. It is one of the year’s two biggest pay per view events. If TNA is ever going to make a breakthrough in its PPV buy-rate, it will most likely come with either Bound for Glory or Slammiversary.

While that breakthrough is unlikely to occur due to Slammiversary VIII, the late-Spring event offers a good opportunity to rate the men and women on the TNA roster.

This is the last of the four columns rating TNA talent. Next week, it’ll be the turn of RAW and then Smackdown

Rose Lottalove
Mic: N/A
Ring: C
Comment: She has size in common with Awesome Kong, but the difference in their proficiency in the ring would keep anyone from confusing them. Rosie is very green. At this writing, she hasn’t done much on the mic, but her character needs some verbal skill. The next month will indicate whether she can carry the role or not.

Mic: B=
Ring: B
Comment: The rangy, attractive woman looks like she might be the next babyface champion. She has improved her appearance, to an extent returning to the look she sported in the indies when she teamed with April Hunter. Her outfits no longer evoke memories of Sinead O’Conner. In a way, she is the replacement for Tara, sadly gone from the promotion, with more babyface appeal.

Samoa Joe
Mic: B
Ring: B
Comment: He is part of the show again, but it’s hard to say what part. Samoa Joe is one of TNA’s outstanding attractions, but you’d never know it from the way they’ve buried him for about the last six months.

Mic: N/A
Ring: B+
Comment: She has returned from her tour, but she is not yet having much of a role in t5he promotion. She’s a very strong worker, so figure that will change.

Scott Hall
Mic: C
Ring: C+
Comment: The truth is that Scott looks in better shape than most expected and his work in the ring isn’t utterly worthless. Maybe it’s his character, but Hall often comes across as someone who is not highly motivated and is content to phone in his out-of-ring performance. It is hard to watch him these days, with the memory of his peak still so vivid/ This could well be his last shot, so let’s hope that he can display enough self-control to keep from getting fired and enough effort within the show so that fans will be glad that he wasn’t canned.

Sean Waltman
Mic: N/A
Ring: B=
Comment: There’s an air of uncertainty and mystery around Six-Pac. At one point, it seemed like he had been fired and he has not been part of the show since then. Yet he is still on the roster and there are occasional references to him. That usually indicates that someone is gong to return. Not sure that’s true in this case. If – and this is a big “if,” == Waltman wants to work hard and salvage his career, TNA should consider putting him under a hood. He could work as a babyface masked man and, when he finally wins the X Division Championship, unmark to reveal Waltman. That way, fans might learn to appreciate him without having to un-learn disliking him for spotty effort.

Sean Morley
Comment: The erstwhile Val Venis is no longer mentioned on the roster page and has ceased working as a wrestler for TNA. I thought he had some possibilities as a talker, TNA has quite a few non-wrestling characters at the present time, so Morley is the loser in a numbers game.

Shannon Moore
Mc: C
Ring: B
Comment: The biggest thing he needs to do, especially with his outré appearance, is to come stronger. Shannon is probably a nice, soft-spoken fellow, but his character calls for forceful speech, comments with a little more oomph than “the Book of Dilligaff.” It might help Shannon Moore if he got to spend some time, brainstorming with Raven. Who has always had a special insight into this type of oddball character personalities. Unlike some of TNA’s lesser newcomers, Moore can make magic happen in the ring. For that reason, he’s worth developing into an attraction. Augmenting his marquee value could make him a good choice for a run as X Division Champion.

Shark Boy
Mic: N/A
Ring: N/A
Comment: He’s just plain lovable. He works hard, gets little glory and is willing to try any gimmick TNA sends in his direction. Sharkie is good in comedy spots and yet in the right situation, he can come on like a legitimate contender. He isn’t, for a variety of reasons, but the masked man sure pulls he own weight for TNA. Cutting him would be foolish economy.

SoCal Val
Mic: N/A
Ring: N/A
Comment: After a fleeting push, she has receded into the scenery. SoCal Val is in a very ticklish position. She is not a wrestler nor is she an exceptional talker. Her looks are all right, but not traffic-stopping. In the old days, she could’ve made a living as a valet in one of the territories. Today, the best thing she could do would be to come up with some kind of gimmick or angle for herself that appeals to TNA’s bookers.

Mic: F
Ring: N/A
Comment: Samoa Joe fans must think this is deja vu. Sting’s character is incomprehensible, his motivation is so obscure that no one gives a damn and his interview technique is inadequate for the heel role. Sting is still a main eventer who, to paraphrase Ric Fair, “puts fannies in the seats.” How long that will hold true is debatable if YNA doesn’t straighten out Sting (and, preferably, return him to the babyface column)/

Mic: N/A
Ring: N/A
Comment: Daniels is on the roster and Suicide is on the roster. One and one may very well make one in this situation. TNA let Suicide’s previous run wimp out at the end. This time, it would be hot to see him fight a mask-versus-title match against a major heel. They might consider having Daniels unmask after he wins the title, but then have another man dressed as Suicide make himself know in the rafters. After that, Suicide disappears again and Daniels continues without the hood.

Comment: Tara’s ultimate destination is still unknown, but she is no longer employed by TNA. The spider won’t be missed, but Tara is the kind of talent who makes every match entertaining.

Taylor Wilde
Mic: C+
Ring: B-
Comment: Sarita is back, so she and Taylor will probably emerge as contenders to the Knockout Tag Team Championship. Taylor is petite and some fans seem to hold her astonishing good looks against her, but this woman puts it all on the line in the ring and can hold the stage with a mic in her hand.

Mic: B+
Ring: N/A
Comment: The Boy from Brooklyn has picked up his game a bit in the last month and he is always fairly entertaining as the color commentator.

Team 3D
Mic: B+
Ring: B+
Comment: They are teasing a split between Devon and Ray. This is about the 10th time we’ve seen this. Maybe they should have a temporary falling out, just to set the spectators back on their heels with surprise. .

Mic: N/A
Ring: N/A
Comment: They brought him back with some fanfare and he’s still on the roster. Maybe they have something in store for him in the near future, but limbo is his home at the present time.

Traci Brooks
Comment: Gone for now, apparently.

Willie Urbina
Mic: ?
Ring: N/A
Comment: The S[annish-language announcer continues to hold his job, so I assume he does good work in an area to which I have no access.

I’ll be back on Sunday with my Slammiversary preview and predictions. Hope to see you all then.

— Arnie Katz
Executive Editor
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