January 4, 2002 - Moncton, New Brunswick, Canada (Between 6500 and 7000 ppl)

  1. Cruiserweight Title Match: Tajiri (without Torrie Wilson) beat Billy Kidman with a kick to the head.

  2. Lita beat Mighty Molly with a moonsault.

  3. Shawn Stasiak beat Randy Orton by submission with a Figure-Four Leglock.

  4. Hurricane beat Funaki with his "Eye of the Hurricane" (Nightmare on Helms Street" finisher.

  5. Big Show beat Hugh Morrus (who was wearing a WCW t-shirt) with the Choke Slam, Morrus played a cowardly heel the entire match.

  6. European Title Match: Christian beat Rikishi with the Unprettier after Test ran in and stopped Rikishi from dropping the Bonzai Drop on Christian after a ref bump. Christian got a big pop, but turned on the crowd in his promo before the match got underway.

  7. The Hardy Boyz (with Lita) beat Steven Richards & Tommy Dreamer when the Hardyz and Lita hit the Litacanrana followed by the Twist of Fate and the Swanton Bomb. An interresting spot occured when Jeff and Matt were doing the poetry in motion, the first time Jeff did it the usual way with his leg, but when he went to do it to the other wrestler (can't remember which one) Jeff did a forward flip after he jumped off Matt's back which was pretty cool.

  8. Intercontinental Title Match Edge beat Val Venis with the Edgecutioner(DDT). Before the match Venis got a good pop from the crowd, and the delivered a promo on how bad Moncton was and how bad Canada's medicare system was. This brought out Edge who mentioned he had lived in Moncton before and he was Canadian.

  9. Rob Van Dam beat Test with the Five Star Frog Splash. Another very good match to close the show, RVD got busted hardway during the match I think it was from Test's big boot it was hard to say. RVD hit all his signature spots including the back flip out of the corner, rolling thunder and the side kick from the top rope but he did not use the VanDaminator for obvious reasons.
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