January 4, 2002 - Springfield, MA

  1. Crash Holly beat Rico Constantino. Decent opener with alot of comedy spots to start off, nothing special but Rico did look decent for the time they had. Ended when Rico went for a moonsault and missed and Crash capitalized with a pin.

  2. Spike Dudley pinned the Brooklyn Brawler. Yes that's right the Brawler in the same NY Yankees shirt he has worn forever. Needless to say this match bombed but of course Dudley got popped when he finished it with the Dudley Dog.

  3. Jazz pinned Jacqueline. A bit long but no heat at all because a big fight broke out in the crowd that got everyones attention and killed the small chance this match had at getting heat. Won by holding Jackie's tights on the roll up.

  4. Lance Storm pinned Brock Lesnar. This was one of the better matches of the night. Lesnar actually was quite over, especially after gorilla pressing Storm and pushing him up 3 times. Storm one with a backslide in the corner followed by him flipping over and locking his feet in the corner between the ropes. It was as weird as it sounds. After the match Lesnar knocked Storm out and went out on top. I think of the three OVW guys on the show tonight, he is going to get the break.

  5. Dudley Boyz w/ Stacy Kiebler beat the APA. Again not too much action just hitting their routine spots. Opened with a long interview by Bradshaw about Kiebler meeting them back at their room at the Red Roof Inn. Damn cheap plugs. Farooq at DVon pinned when Bubba Ray came in and nailed him with the belt giving the Dudleyz the win.

  6. Justin Credible beat Ron Waterman. Waterman came off as a toughguy hitting a leg grapevine early and then resorting to a ground and pound a bit later on. Credible somehow won about three minutes later with such an insignificant move to end it no one remembered how he won about 10 seconds after the match ended. No heat again.

  7. Billy Gunn and Chuck Palumbo beat Albert & Scotty 2 Hotty. Again pretty routine though there was a huge pop for the worm. After this was hit, all four men ended up in the ring and it ended up Gunn hitting the famasser on Scotty for the pin. After the match however Gunn and Palumbo were run out of the ring and Scotty and Albert danced and then Charles Robinson did the most pathetic worm ever. Good heat, not so good match.

  8. Booker T pinned Diamond Dallas Page. Again opened with a long promo by DDP saying he was positively Springfield, MA tonight. Went on to say Springfield three more times for three more cheap pops and then threw in Austin's name for cheap pop number four for good measure. Match again was hurt by a second major fight breaking out in the crowd but recovered since it was long enough when Bossman came down. DDP was distracted and when he turned back around he got hit with the Harlem sidekick and Booker T got the pin. DDP then went through the crowd follwing the match.

  9. HHH and Kane defeated Chris Jericho and Kurt Angle. First Jericho and Angle came out separately cutting two separate promos bashing HHH and Springfield again. Then Kane came out to a major pop, yet nothing compared to HHH walking out. Biggest pop I have personally ever heard. He walked around the ring a few times, climbed on every post and the pop just never ended. The match started with some decent wrestling between Jericho and Kane and then Angle and Kane before the first appearance of HHH came. As soon as he entered the place once again erupted and he started off with punches and forearms to both Angle and Jericho. He stayed in for a bit with Angle doing mostly alot of brawling and not too much moving. You could tell he was a bit slow still but really didn't look too off. Jericho then hit the lionsault on HHH and went for the pedigree, but HHH reversed it into the liontamer which was actually a pretty cool looking spot and the crowd again popped big time. Match continued until HHH hit the pedigree on Y2J for the pin.
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