January 5, 2002 - Fredricton, New Brunswick, Canada - Aitken Center
(attendance: close to 4000)

  1. The Fink opened the show (to a huge pop) by explaining that the new co-owner of the WWF Ric Flair, had hired many of the former Alliance wrestlers back and was giving them a try out. (I suppose to explain Hugh Morris etc.)

  2. Tajiri and Billy Kidman opened the show and had a great match. Kidman got a pretty good pop from the crowd but was able to get some heat by the time the match started. Tajiri won after a kick.

  3. Molly and Lita were next. They put on a better show then I think most expected and got good reaction from the crowd. Lita won with a moonsault. There were a couple of slightly missed spots however.

  4. Shawn Stasiak and Randy Orton were next. Stasiak did a great job at getting heat from the crowd. Orton (who was not well known) even got over pretty good by the end. They did a great bit where Stasiak pretended not to notice his trunk were half way for several minutes. They had a very active match and did not do the injured knee bit that apparently got booed in Moncton last night. Stasiak won with a clean pinfall (not a submission like Moncton.).

  5. Big Show (who got a huge pop) and played the crown great, then beat Hugh Morris with a choke slam. Lots of clowning around here but crowd did not seem to mind.

  6. Christian and Rikishi were next for the European title. As he did the night before Christian did a "you stupid people" promo to make sure he had maximum heat. Pretty wild match with lots of humorous spots before Test ran in and prevented a Bonzai drop (ref was bumped) and Christian got the pin. The crowd did not care because right after Christian got the stink face.

  7. Hardyz (with Lita) beat Steven Richards and Tommy Dreamer in a solid traditional tag team match. Some good high flying at the end including a Litacanrana, Twist of Fate and Swanton. Richards and Dreamer looked good together dressed in black and played the crowd great.

  8. Val Venis and Edge were next for the intercontinental title. Val cut good Canada sucks promo (He was one of four canucks on the card) then Edge showed up in a freaky maple leaf hat. Edge won with a DDT after a good, and probably the longest match of the night. Val looks to be in great shape.

  9. RVD vs Test. RVD got what was probably the biggest pop of the night. Some fans had a huge RVD poster complete with moving arms. He had a huge shiner and looked like a fresh scar on his forehead. He must of taken a blow the night before. After a pretty good match RVD won with a reverse sunset flip. Missed a frog splash if there was one. After the pin Test slammed him and then came after him with a chair but Rikishi came out to make the save. After they chased Test away they danced for the crowd ala Too Cool. RVD even did the worm. The crowd loved it. Both guys left the ring really over.
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