WWF Non-Televised Live Event
March 10, 2002 - Fort Wayne, Indiana

  1. Rikishi d. Mr. Perfect
    • Perfect uses towel to cover his face during the stinkface.
    • The towel got wedged in Rikishi's butt!
    • Rikishi wins with the bonzai drop.

  2. X-Pac and Brock Lesnar d. Crash and Randy Orton.

  3. Jazz d. Lita and Trish Stratus in a triple threat match to retain,

  4. Val Venis d. Lance Storm.

  5. Test, Christian, and Booker T. d. APA and Spike Dudley.

  6. Kurt Angle d. Rob Van Dam.

  7. Ric Flair interview.
    • He was scheduled to wrestle the Undertaker
    • However, Taker didn't make it due to travel problems.
    • He hypes up the match for Mania, and after he finishes, Angle comes down.
    • Angle asks Flair to apologize for costing him the title shot at Wrestlemania.
    • Flair doesn't and the two get into a brawl.
    • Flair ends up locking Angle in the figure four.

  8. Chris Jericho d. Triple H to retain the Undisputed Championship.
    • Steph distracts the ref, Nick Patrick
    • HHH comes over and sets Stephanie up for the Pedigree.
    • Nick Patrick grabs HHH's hair.
    • Jericho comes in with a low blow and rollup to steal the win.
    • HHH Pedigrees Patrick after the match.

  9. Steve Austin d. Scott Hall w/ Kevin Nash.
    • The nWo had some fun with the Stone Cold lookalike before the match as well.
    • 3 Stunners for Hall, 2 for Nash, Austin gets the victory.

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