WWF Non-Televised Live Event
March 27, 2002 - Wilkes-Barre, PA

  1. DDP pinned Christian.
    • Afterwards Christian threw his temper tantrum.

  2. Jazz pinned Molly

  3. Billy + Chuck defeated the Hardy Boyz.
    • Rico interfered pushing Jeff off the top rope.
    • Allowing Billy to score the pin.

  4. Brock Lesnar pinned Spike Dudley.
    • After the match, Hurricane did a run in and got destroyed by Brock also.

  5. Rob Van Dam pinned William Regal.
    • RVD wins after the 5 Star Frog Splash.

  6. Dudley Boyz defeated APA.
    • The APA brought out Stacy Keibler as an unadvertised surprise.
    • Bradshaw did a speech about both teams splitting up and this being their last match as a team.
    • After putting Bradshaw through a table, all four guys broke character and shook hands with each other. Bubba thanked the APA and said the Dudleys would not have made it in the WWF without their help.
    • Bradshaw then brought out some beers and shared them with the Dudleys, Stacy, and the referee.

  7. Booker T pinned Tazz.

  8. Scott Hall pinned Rikishi.
    • Rikishi got the stinkface on Hall, but after the match he needed help get to the back. ( Looked like a possible ankle injury)

  9. Triple H pinned Kevin Nash.
    • Before the match X-pac came out and tried to get HHH to join the NWO.
    • Nash tried as well but HHH turned him down.
    • HHH was super over with the crowd and got the biggest pop of the night.

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