WWF Non-Televised Live Event
Smackdown! Crew - April 8, 2002 - Yuma, Arizona

  1. Billy Kidman retained his cruiserweight title in a triple threat match by defeating Tajiri and The Hurricane when Kidman pinned Tajiri after six minutes.

  2. Albert & Lance Storm beat Scotty 2 Hotty & Randy Orton when Storm pinned Orton in six minutes.

  3. The Big Valbowski beat D-Von Dudley by pinfall in about eleven minutes.

  4. Test beat Hardcore Holly in about nine minutes by pinfall.

  5. DDP beat Christian by pinfall in about nine minutes.

  6. Billy and Chuck (w/Rico) beat Al Snow & Maven and Hugh Morrus & Chavo Guerrero Jr in a three-team elimination match to retain their tag team titles in about sixteen minutes.

  7. Chris Jericho beat Rikishi in thirteen minutes by pinfall.

  8. Smackdown Swimsuit Challenge was won by Torrie Wilson over Stacy Keibler and Ivory. Ivory refused to participate, insulting the fans in the process. Stacy and Torrie attacked her, and ripped off her gown anyway. Torrie won, based on crowd reaction, but it sounded pretty even to me. These women are incredible to see in person. Afterwards, Stacy attacked Torrie and walked away to the jeers of the crowd. Torrie was over huge.

  9. Edge beat Kurt Angle in nine minutes by pinfall.

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