WWF Non-Televised Live Event
RAW Crew - June 7, 2002 - Lexington, KY

  1. MATCH: Shawn Stasiak / D-Lo Brown def Goldust / Justin Credible.

  2. MATCH: Prototype def Crash Holly.

  3. MATCH: Steven Richards def Tommy Dreamer.

  4. WOMANS & EURO TITLE: Spike/Trish def Regal/Molly.
    • Jacky is special referee.
    • Trish pinned Molly.

  5. HARDCORE TITLE: Bradshaw def Big Show w/ Clothesline from hell.
    • Raven, Dreamer & Richards interfered but no title changes.

  6. UNDISPUTED TITLE: Undertaker def Rob Van Dam with a chokeslam.

  7. MATCH: Bull Buchanan def Ron Waterman.

  8. MATCH: XPac def Matt Hardy.

  9. MATCH: Brock Lesnar def Bubba Ray Dudley.

  10. MAIN EVENT: Steve Austin def Eddy Guerrero.
    • Sgt. Slaughter came out and told Howard Finkle that the airport lost Austin's gear.
    • The fans booed heavily.
    • Finkle said Austin will wrestle regardless.
    • The fans go nuts.
    • Eddy went crazy, saying that he was a professional, and dressed as such.
    • Eddy felt he shouldn't have to wrestle Austin in street clothes.
    • Eddy said that Austin should have to forfeit.
    • Referee Earl Hebner disagreed, much to Eddy's dismay.
    • Austin's music played and I thought the roof was gonna blow off when he came out.
    • All he had on were a t-shirt, shorts, and sneakers.
    • Guerrero ran out of the ring while Austin grabbed the house mic.
    • Austin interviewed some of the fans.
    • This was hilarious and the highlight of the night.
    • Right before the match officially started Arn Anderson interfered..
    • Arn received a Stunner for his trouble.
    • Once he got up, Austin gave him another one.
    • Arn finally rolled out of the ring and the match was underway.
    • Soon after, Austin hit a Stunner pinned Guerrero!
    • Austin and Hebner drank about a case of beer in the ring to the delight of the crowd.

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