WWE Non-Televised Live Event
Smackdown! Crew - August 26, 2002 - New Haven, CT

  1. OPENER: Tajiri def. Funaki..

  2. MATCH: D Von def. Randy Orton..

  3. MATCH: Bob Holly def. Albert..

  4. MATCH: Batista def. Bull Buchanan..

  5. TAG MATCH: Hurricane & Shannon Moore def. Billy & Chuck..

  6. MATCH: Chris Benoit def. Rikishi..

  7. BRA&PANTIES MATCH: Torrie def. Dawn Marie..

  8. CW TITLE 3WAY MATCH: Jamie Noble def. Billy Kidman & Chavo Guerrero..

  9. MATCH: Matt Hardy def. John Cena..

  10. MAIN EVENT: Rey Mysterio & Edge def. Kurt Angle & Eddie Guerrero..
    • Edge & Rey did five-second-poses after the match..
    • Kurt & Eddy ran back in and suggested they do other people's catch phrases..
    • Eddy said "Whatcha gonna do Esse when Latino Heat runs wild all over you!"
    • Kurt said that that was horrible..
    • Eddy said "Can you dig it, Homes!"
    • Edge grabbed the microphone and said it was suposed to be "Sucka!" and not "Homes!"
    • Kurt Angle took the mic and said Rey Misterio should go next.
    • Rey took the mic and started hopping around like Angle..
    • Rey says, "You suck! Oh It's True! It's True!"
    • The crowd began chanting "ROCKY!"
    • Edge said, "If you smelll what the Edge is cooking!".
    • Edge said he had some beer in a cooler & wanted them to toast in the ring.
    • Angle asked if he had some milk in the cooler since he doesn't drink beer.
    • Edge got Angle some water in a bottle instead and the other three drank beer..
    • Edge & Misterio attacked Eddy & Kurt during the toast, running them off.

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