Smackdown! Crew - August 16, 2003 - Minneapolis, Minnesota - Target Center

  1. TAG MATCH: The Basham Brothers w/Shaniqua beat Jamie Noble & Billy Gunn..

  2. MATCH: Matt Hardy beat Zach Gowen..

  3. CW TITLE 3-WAY: Rey Mysterio beat Shannon Moore & Billy Kidman to retain..

  4. TAG TITLE MATCH: Shelton Benjamin & Charlie Haas beat The APA to retain..

  5. BIKINI CONTEST 4-WAY: Torrie Wilson beat Sable, Nidia & Dawn Marie..

  6. MATCH: Undertaker beat A-Train..

  7. TAG MATCH: Chris Benoit & Tajiri beat Rhyno & Eddy Guerrero..

  8. WWE TITLE 3-WAY: Kurt Angle beat Brock Lesnar & Big Show with John Cena as referee..
  9. And that's a wrap..

Thanks to long time OWW fan Sam Tindall for sending in this report

WWE SmackDown! Brand House Show on Saturday, August 16th, 2003 at the Target Center in Minneapolis, Minnesota:

We had average seats, about the middle of the arena, I'd say. The place was about 60-65% full. Reports on the internet said something about a big turn out, from where I was sitting, it didn't look to be very big. I've heard worse though, 40% in Edmonton or something like that. When you don't live in the cities, Minneapolis is a bitch to drive around in. We ended up probably 5 minutes late. Right when I got in, I heard John Cena on the mic and later confirmed by a fellow crowd member, that he was the first act. The SmackDown! Set wasn't there, just the ring, metal barricading, and padding on the floor. Nothing special, we did get some fireworks though.

John Cena Rap: I'm sure he just dissed Minnesota because I heard a lot of booing. I'm sure he mentioned the fact that he was Guest Reffing the Main Event too, in some type of rap form.

Jamie Noble and Billy Gunn Vs. The Basham Brothers w/ Shaniqua: I found it funny that Torrie didn't come out, nor Nidia. Then later, to find out they were in a bikini contest and were in fact backstage. I'm sure Torrie was on Billy Kidman's lap (her husband), but why didn't at least Nidia even the score against Shaniqua? Anyways, the Crowd was raring to go, so despite the Basham Brothers not being on TV very long, they had quite a bit of heat. Billy hit his usual closeline and that one move he started doing, the combo one. This opening match wasn't that great on showing the talent of the two. It was mostly getting over heat on the Bashams. Before the match, Shaniqua whipped both of the Basham Bros in the ass! lol. Winners: The Basham Brothers after the usual cheating and roll-up.

Matt Hardy Vs. Zach Gowen: It was kinda hard to cheer one of my personal favorites, Matt, when he is beating up a Handicap. I know they don't really want you to think of him as that, but then again, they promote him that way too, so what the hell right? The Crowd really got on Shannon in this match, as he was messing with Zach, who Dropkicked him into the barricade. Matt Hardy got his usual Side Effect, Twist of Fate, etc. One thing I found odd was he didn't go on the turnbuckle at all to do his Leg Drop, he just went over to it, looked at it for a second, and went for a running one. Twice during this match, the innovative Minnesota Crowds chanted, "Two Legs Suck! Two Legs Suck!" I love the way MN Crowds make up chants. I can't prove it, but I'm pretty sure, as a regular Velocity viewer, that we started the "Shave Your Back" A-Train chant, in September 2002 at a SmackDown! Taping. Winner: Matt Hardy after some of the usual offense by Gowen. Gowen did a great one-legged (obviously, but it's pretty awesome you can do it all with one leg, dammit! lol.) Springboard Moonsault onto Hardy. Gowen got an ovation on his way out, nothing special compared to what was to come as far as ovations, but nice.

WWE Cruiserweight Championship - Rey Mysterio Vs. Billy Kidman Vs. Shannon Moore: This was probably the best match of the night, but none of the matches were bombers. I thought it was interesting that Kidman and Rey didn't fight on last week's SmackDown!, but I'm guessing they will this week. Why? Well, they acted as a 2-on-1 friendship deal at first, but Mysterio accidently hit Kidman, and vice versa, as Moore-on kept moving out of the way of double team moves. So after Moore was out of the way they started fighting, a fist fight mostly. Moore was watching them go back in forth, but it was all a set-up on Moore! The Crowd liked that, but I knew they didn't really care much about Kidman. I was personally rooting for Kidman, myself. Then Rey and Kidman did start fighting and a lot of action went down, WWE Cruiserweight Style! If I remember correctly, Kidman was going for the Shooting Star on Moore, Rey stopped him, and hit a Dropkick or something of the sort on Moore, setting up the 619. (Funny note: a sign I did see said 612, with an underline on 2, as 612 is the Minneapolis area code. Another sign I saw was Goldberg Fears Lesnar.) Rey hit the 619 on Shannon Moore, Springboard Leg Drop, then kept Kidman out of the ring with some quick offense. Winner: Rey, pinning Shannon Moore. After Moore left, Kidman offered a handshake to Rey, who asked the Crowd, who cheered in reply. They finally shook hands after an hour and hugged. Rey's music hit and he hit the turnbuckle. Kidman from behind! I was enjoying it, nothing against Rey, just think Kidman is too underrated. Rey somehow turned it around, and even to a Kidman fan's delight, hit a 619 on Kidman, into A 619 ON THE OPPOSITE SIDE! Good stuff...

Intermission: Tony Chimel bitched about ShopZone and the works, then said we had a 15 minute bathroom break, which I took. I don't think they shot out T-Shirts, but when I got back he said 'the winner is...' then announced a Section, Row, and Seat. I don't even know what they won, but they were under us. Resume House Show.

WWE Tag Team Championship - APA Vs. The Self Proclaimed Worlds Greatest Suck Squad: This match was alright, but it was a bit special, because I met Bradshaw at an autograph signing earlier in the day at a Wal-Mart. He probably had a line of 100 people, not much at all. I wonder what kind of turn out he'll get in Texas. The match was basically Team Suck Squad working on Bradshaw's knee as we all chanted "Shaniqua" at Shelton, because of a promo by both teams before the match. Faarooq finally got tagged in and cleaned house. I lost contact with reality for a moment, then noticed that they had Faarooq in their hold-back, Shelton Superkick finisher. Bradshaw didn't really look like he was selling outside the ring, he just sat there for the 1, 2, 3. Winners: Team Suck Squad. The APA then kicked their asses, which I predicted all would happen earlier in the day.

Four Way Bikini Contest - Nidia Vs. Torrie Wilson Vs. Dawn Marie Vs. Sable w/ Funaki as Special Announcer: My hormones went wild as I saw some nice bodies un-robe. Nidia was wearing a silver skimpy bikini. She did her usual dance crap she did on TV before, but not as bad, as her and Noble seem to be neutral with the Crowd. Dawn Marie got booed, but damn she looked good. My friend missed his favorite diva, what a shame. I forgot what the color was, but it was a thong bikini. Torrie then went and un-robed. I was about to say, "It looks like her wrestling outfit," when she pulled the bottoms down to reveal her skimpy pink thong. I was thinking of Billy Kidman and the Playboy issue at this point. Then my personal favorite, the McMahon bitch, who sues for $100,000,000 then goes and does what she sued over anyways a few years later. What's-up-wit-dat? Sable, as usual, had the skimpiest of all skimpy bikinis shown tonight. She did her "Sablelicious" dance and I melted like a lot of other guys did when she seemed to open her legs up wide, just for me. lol! The Crowd then decided the winner. Nidia had more cheers than boos. Dawn was more boos than cheers. Torrie was like 99% cheers, that 1% or less, being me of course! Sable had the most heat, as not everyone can remember Dawn Marie's daddy-marriage angle, with the Sable issues more fresh in our minds. I was cheering like hell, and a few other horny guys I'm sure, but probably 80% boos. Winner: Torrie Wilson. A cat fight then ensued, Sable hitting Torrie from behind. Torrie had kissed Nidia, kinda funny, huh? Then it became a double cat fight. Dawn Marie/Nidia...Torrie/Sable. Dawn Marie and Nidia then added Funaki to the mix, and although I've seen it hundreds of times, the people behind me were drunk and laughing it up like freaks. Some more crowd interaction as Sable ran away first, then Dawn Marie, then Torrie and Nidia left together after popping the Crowd.

Undertaker Vs. A-Train: The last house show I went to, Undertaker wasn't there, so I was happy he was at this one. A-Train came out to immediate "Shave Your Back" chants. (Did I mention MN started those? lol.) He did his usual routine that has happened for the past month or so, chairs thrown into the ring, pissy fits, just to get everyone bitchin'. 'Taker's music then hit and for some reason it took a while for him to come out. By the time the chorus hit, the Crowd popped as he sped down the linear "walk-way" (no ramps) with his fire-on-black-painted motorcycle. Niiiiice! Undertaker seems to bring out the best in A-Train. We all know A-Train can't pull off anything special, but it seems like their match at SummerSlam could be interesting. 'Taker made the Crowd go for his match, he's one of the only ones who still can tell a story and I love him for it. After a lot of offense from Ape-Train, he got the Bear Hug on 'Taker. The Crowd got behind him and he got out, going for a clothesline off the ropes, but A-Train ducked it and locked the Bear Hug on again. 'Taker went for every move in his book, except the Swan Dive and Running DDT! Big Boot, Hogan Leg Drop, Old School, Failed Last Ride, Failed Tombstone Piledriver, Successful Chokeslam from Hell! 'Taker is obviously getting old, but he still can put on good matches. We all know some people that got too old and just weren't good with anything in the ring really, *COUGH* HOGAN AND PIPER *COUGH*! But 'Taker is obviously in good physical condition since his Elbow surgery, that was a while back already. Undertaker even lifted the big Ape-Train onto his shoulders and slammed him head first into the turnbuckle! You might not be impressed, but when you see the size of these freaks in person, the TV just doesn't do it justice. Winner: Undertaker after a few Ref spots and a really pro-'Taker Crowd. Chokeslam won it, A-Train left. We then gave the Undertaker an ovation, only one more would top that one.

Rhyno and Eddie Guerrero Vs. Chris Benoit and Tajiri: This match really got the Crowd away from the almost, Main Event-like 'Taker/A-Train match. (Did I just say A-Train and Main Event in the same sentence and actually put it over?) Like I said, this was the match between four greats, and ended up adding to the greatness of the House Show. Early in the match, Eddie and Rhyno continued to tag back and forth, not wanting to face Benoit. So Benoit finally tagged in Tajiri and Eddie tagged Rhyno and they went at it. For some reason I was sitting in the pro-Eddie section, or a bunch of shit heads who didn't know Eddie was a heel. Then when they figured it out around the end of the match, they went from chanting "Eddie! Eddie!" to "Eddie Sucks!" Funny thing is, it didn't really spread around the arena at all. Some people tried to start a "E-C-Dubya!" chant below us, but it didn't get going because of happenings in the ring. Tajiri was worked on a lot, and finally Benoit went right after Rhyno! But I believe Rhyno moved and it hit Guerrero! Benoit got a Release German Suplex on Rhyno, as Eddie was out of the ring. Benoit also did his attempt at a Crossface, to no avail. Benoit then gave the signal for the Flying Headbutt on Rhyno. (Note: this isn't in order really, sorry.) But Rhyno moved. (Note: now it is, lol.) Eddie got back in, looking to beat on Tajiri, but got a Green Mist! Rhyno then got another Crossface and a Winner! Benoit and Tajiri get a nice ovation, leave. "Eddie! Eddie! Eddie!" starts up again. Eddie is like, "What the hell is wrong with you people? Make up your minds already!" lol.

Special Guest Referee Triple Threat Match for the WWE Championship: Lesnar Vs. Angle Vs. Big Show w/ Cena as Ref: Cena comes out to boos. Lesnar's music hits and the Crowd goes nuts! (Hometown boy, incase you don't remember.) I was pro-Angle this match, but it seemed everyone didn't give a hell about the storylines. Brock got in the ring, looked at Cena, and F-5ed his ass to hell! Cena was then carried out by refs as one replaced him. Big Show comes out to lots of heat. Damn, he is big in person! I've met Lesnar up close and from seeing the size difference, I can only imagine what he must look like right in front of you, towering over your head. Angle came out to some cheers, then the chants started in! "YOU SUCK! YOU SUCK!", to the music of course. I even started! By now, Lesnar's fireworks have gone off, Big Show had some in the ring, and so did Angle. Now the match begins. Here is how I saw it...they knew Lesnar was gonna be the face in MN, so they didn't have McMahon come out with him. Instead they played the match like Angle was the neutral part of it, or even heel. Half of it, he double teamed Brock with Show. The Crowd really got pissed when Angle stopped Lesnar from F-5ing Show! There was a lot of great moves in this match, everyone fought everyone. Lesnar ended up getting the F-5 on Show anyways. And I know I've seen it on TV more than 3 times, but mannnnn! The Cameras were flashing like crazy, which made it highlight the move! As in, it looked even cooler and was even easier to see! Winner: Angle after a massive Chokeslam from Show to Lesnar, Angle Slam on Show, pin on Brock! I cheered and some others did too, how can it be 100% boos for ANGLE?! YOU WISH! Then it got even better! Lesnar got on the mic and said some crap...a lot of echoing stuff came through to me, because it was a crap system I guess. Lesnar basically said, "This is MY HOMETOWN! GET OUT OF MY TOWN!" Big Show replied, "Your Home Town blows!" Brock then beat his ass and left. One thing I noticed was Brock was all cocky when everyone went crazy for him, he never really acted like a face. Just thought it was odd, that people that really love this business, like Zach Gowen for example, would slap the fans' hands on the way out. Lesnar...not a touch that I could see! I don't know about SummerSlam, guys! I don't want two big freaks the Champions...Lesnar and Goldberg! Two big cocky bastards...I think Lesnar is nicer than Goldberg, because I've met him, but I still think he needs to pay a few more dues before I call him a legend. I'd also like to point out that this House Show was a lot better than the last one I went to in May 2002. It was a RAW Brand one in Duluth, MN and the main event was an IC Title Match, Eddie Vs. RVD. So seeing a lot of the bigger stars show up now, it just was all around, a lot better than that one. Thanks for letting me send in my story WNW, hope everyone enjoyed reading it.


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