National Wrestling Alliance Convention 2003
October 2003 - Parkersburg, West Virginia

  • October 10, 2003--NWA Convention Show in Parkersburg, WV: Kevin Rhodes b C.B. Cool to win NWA Florida jr. title, Bruce Banner b Romeo Godwinn to keep NWA Tri States title, Vinnie V & Bobby Jay b Zach Mercury & Rob Stardom, Hawaiian Power Company b Cholo & Chris Cavanagh to keep Hawaiian tag titles, Spyder b Fergal Devitt to win British Commonwealth title, Paul Tracey b Muscles Mansfield, Ricky Murdock b Shane Summers to unify Missouri State title and National title, Chance Prophet b Trik Nasty to keep Tri State Blue Grass title, Sinn (managed by Tracy Brooks) b Mason Hunter..

  • October 11, 2003--NWA Convention Show in Parkersburg, WV: Kid Inferno & Twisted Youth b D.J. Skittles & Clark, Roderick Strong won three-way over Jerrelle Clark and Danny Doring to win Florida X division title, J.T. Wolfen b Chance Prophet to keep North American title, Leilani Kai b A.J. Sparx to keep women's title, Chris Harris & James Storm b Andy Douglas & Chase Stevens, Chris Draver won four way ladder match for NWA jr. title over Vinnie V, Doubble Dragon and Rocky Reynolds (Reynolds took a big bump and needed 12 staples in his head from the fall), Trik Nasty won Battle Royal..

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