Xtreme Wrestling Federation
February 23, 2002
(Lubbock, Texas)

  1. MATCH: Tony T (Local DJ) beat Jimmy Hart.
      In the first minute, a ref bump, Hail attacked Tony, but Tony's trainer I believe his name is Virgin attacked Jimmy putting him on top for the win.

  2. MATCH: Buff Bagwell beat Johnny B. Badd.
    • Bagwell spent 5 minutes ripping on Lubbock, Texas Tech, Randy White (who was presented with a Tech football helmet), and a fat fan at ringside wearing a Mil Mascaras mask. End came when Bagwell hit Badd(Marc Mero) with his own confetti cannon.

  3. Kid Kash beat Josh Mathews.
    • Kash did a dive over the top rope to the floor and Josh did a dive from the top turnbuckle to the floor on Kash. There were no mats just cement. They traded moves and it was very entertaining. The end came when Kash got Josh from the top rope and hit him with a Nothern Lights Bomb for the win.

  4. MATCH: Norman Smiley & Little Jeannie beat Simon Diamond & Dawn Marie.
    • Not bad when Smiley and Diamond were in. Before the match, Piper announced that if Simon won he would get the commisssionership, but if Simon lost Piper would get Dawn Marie. The end came with Jeannie pinning Simon.

  5. MATCH: The Wall beat the British Storm.
    • Storm a british answer to Scott Steiner was managed by Scandor Ackbar.

  6. MATCH: Vampiro beat Hail.
    • The two brawled all over, including to the back of the coliseum and back hitting each other with trash cans and stuff. End came when Jimmy Hart jumped off the top rope and accidently hit Hail by mistake with his megaphone.

  7. MATCH: Terry Funk beat Greg Valentine.
    • By the end Funk's left side of his face was covered with blood. They brawled to the back as well, Greg slammed Funk on a hardwood table, and they were hitting each other with trash cans, and chairshots as well(unblocked). Valentine was working on Funk's knees. Terry won with a roll up. Funk walked back limping badly and bleeding, Greg bled too. Amazing.

  8. MATCH: Konnan & Rey Mysterio Jr. beat the Nasty Boys.
    • The NB's worked over Rey(who was wearing cateye contact lenses). End came when Knobs and Randy White started shoving each other around. Rey got the football helmet from White and hit them both with it. Rey pinned Sags for the win. Konnan, Rey, Piper, and White celebrated together in the ring after.

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