June 25, 2001
New York, NY
Madison Square Garden
Announcers: Jim Ross/Paul Heyman

  1. KICKOFF: Vince McMahon goes to the ring.
    • Vince talks about the history of Madison Square Garden.
    • Vince shows a clip of his father, Vince McMahon Sr.

  2. HARDCORE TITLE MATCH: Test vs Rhyno
    • Test jumps off casing onto Rhyno (laying on a table) -Brutal Bump-
    • Test puts Rhyno in a Cart, pushes Rhyno against the wall. Rhyno falls out and bangs his knee. -Brutal-
    • Rhyno defeats Test with the Gore against the wall.
    • WCW's Mike Awesome appears and powerbombs Rhyno onto a stepladder. -Super Brutal-
    • Mike Awesome escapes with WWF Hardcore Title.

    • Rematch from KOTR.
    • XPac wins by putting his legs on the ropes for the pin.

  4. BACKSTAGE: Vince & Austin/Debra
    • Vince complains about Mike Awesome.
    • Austin turns it around and gets mad at Vince.
    • The two end the arguement by Hugging.

  5. HISTORIC MOMENT: Bruno Sammartino

  6. RECAP: Booker T @ KOTR

  7. BACKSTAGE: Big Shows & Trish Stratus
    • Big Show asks Trish when he wins the European Title tonight, if Trish would go on a European Vacation with him.
    • Trish says as long as they have separate rooms, she would.

  8. BACKSTAGE: Vince, Austin, Debra.. Angle
    • Kurt Angle enters..
    • Vince tells Angle that he's "so proud" of what Kurt did last night (beating Shane in a Street Fight)..
    • Angle says he has a concussion and a cracked tailbone.
    • Austin gets up and calls Angle "pathetic".
    • Angle is non-responsive, and quiet.

  9. HISTORIC MOMENT: Superstar Billy Graham

  10. IN THE RING: Steven Richards
    • Richards goes to the ring and insults the NY Crowd.
    • Tazz immediately comes down and kicks Richards' ass.
    • Tazz vs Steven Richards (Tazz wins in 15 seconds)

  11. BACKSTAGE: Regal/Tajiri
    • Regal is shown with Tajiri
    • Tajiri is carrying the KOTR trophy.

  12. KOTR Award Ceremony:
    • Regal introduces the 2001 King of the Ring, Edge.
    • Edge & Christain come to the ring.
    • Regal Congratulates Edge.
    • Christian grabs the mic and talks about how he went through Big Show and Kane, and was cheated out the chance to wrestle Edge in the finals. But he Congratulates Edge just the same.
    • Edge gives his speech.
    • Billy Gunn interupts, and badmouths Edge.
    • Gunn asks for a match.
    • Edge accepts, Regal makes the match, and Edge promises he won't "Billy Gunn" his KORT Reign. Refering to Billy Gunn's less than successful run after winning the 1999 KOTR.

  13. HISTORIC MOMENT: Pat Patterson vs. Sgt. Slaughter in a Bootcamp Match.

  14. TAG TEAM TITLE MATCH: Dudleyz vs Kane & Taker w/ Sara
    • Albert inferfers, attacking Kane.
    • Dudleyz make the cover for the win.
    • Kane chases after Albert.
    • Buh Buh Ray jumps Taker, but Taker choke slams him.
    • As Taker and Sara are leaving, DDP appears and attacks both of them with a chair.

  15. BACKSTAGE: Regal & Tajiri talking about Jericho
    • Tajiri says he wants to fight Jericho.
    • Regal agrees.

  16. EUROPEAN TITLE MATCH: Matt Hardy w/ Lita vs The Big Show w/ Trish
    • Trish kisses Matt Hardy.
    • Lita pulls Trish's top off.
    • Big Show pulls Lita into the ring.
    • Matt pulls Show around.
    • Lita kicks Show in the crotch, causing a DQ.
    • Big Show wins by DQ.

  17. WWF NEW YORK: Shane McMahon.
    • Shane says that Vince has made it impossible for WCW to get a network to air a WCW show, because of his contacts.
    • Shane says since they can't get their own show, they're gonna have to invade the WWF.
    • Shane introduces Booker T.
    • Booker T talks about Austin, and calls him out.

  18. BACKSTAGE: Vince/Austin/Debra/Angle
    • Vince tells Austin to go to WWF New York and kick Booker T's ass.
    • Austin doesnt want to go alone. Asks Vince to go too.
    • Vince doesnt want to go. Says Angle should go.
    • Austin & Angle leave to go to WWF New York to "kick Booker T's ass".

  19. BACKSTAGE: APA & The Boys
    • Farooq & Bradshaw are shown talking to a group of mid-carders, such as Al Snow, Hardcore Holly, Bull Buchanan, Crash, Kaientai, Essa Rios, Goodfather, and many others.
    • Farooq & Bradshaw rally the troups to stand up to WCW's invasion.

  20. HISTORIC MOMENT: Superfly Snuka off the Cage onto Don Muraco.

  21. ChallengE MATCH: Edge w/ Christian vs Billy Gunn
    • During the match, crowd is chanting "HOGAN HOGAN HOGAN" which is ignored by JR & Heyman.
    • Also during the match, crowd is chanting "BORING BORING BORING" also ignored.
    • Christian accidentally hits Edge, but Edge kicks out.
    • Christian interfers hitting Billy Gunn, allowing Edge to win.

  22. BACKSTAGE: Vince/Debra
    • Debra gets a phone call from Austin.
    • Gives the phone to Vince.
    • Austin says he's stuck in traffic, and that Kurt Angle is a dork.

  23. HISTORIC MOMENT: Wrestlemania I

  24. MATCH: Jericho vs Tajiri w/ Commissioner Regal
    • During the match, both wrestlers use "chops to the chest", which are met with loud "WHHHOOOOOO!!" from the crowd.
    • Chants of "ECW! ECW! ECW!" are heard.
    • Regal interfers.
    • Regal holds Jericho so Tajiri can shoot green mist into Jericho's face.
    • Jericho moves.
    • Regal gets the green mist, Jericho pins.

  25. BACKSTAGE: Vince/Debra
    • On the phone with Austin.
    • Vince says Austin has a plan, Vince is going to the ring.

  26. IN THE RING: Vince
    • talks about how disappointed he is about the evening.
    • Vince tells Austin to enter WWF New York.
    • Angle & Austin get out of the limo and enter the Club.
    • Austin is informed that Shane & Booker left a while ago.
    • Austin says he knew they would do that!
    • Vince is happy all of a sudden.
    • Shane McMahon comes out with WCW logos on the ramp.
    • Shane distracts Vince and Booker T comes out of the crowd and attacks Vince.
    • APA and their Troops clear the lockerroom and chase off Booker & Shane.

  27. RAW goes off the air...
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