Ring of Honor – 2008

Ring of Honor

2008 Results

01/11/2008 Proving Ground from Boston, MA
01/12/2008 Transform from Edison, NJ
01/25/2008 Breakout from Dayton, OH
01/26/2008 Without Remorse from Chicago Ridge, IL
02/22/2008 Eye of the Storm from Deer Park, NY
02/23/2008 6th Anniversary Show from New York City, NY
03/14/2008 Double Feature (Night 1) from Dover, NJ
03/15/2008 Double Feature (Night 2) from Dover, NJ
03/16/2008 Take No Prisoners from Philadelphia, PA
03/28/2008 Dragon Gate Challenge II from Orlando, FL
03/29/2008 Supercard Of Honor III from Orlando, FL
04/11/2008 Bedlam In Beantown from Boston, MA
04/12/2008 Injustice from Edison, NJ
04/18/2008 Tag Wars 2008 from Detroit, MI
04/19/2008 Return Engagement from Chicago Ridge, IL
05/09/2008 Southern Navigation from Manassas, VA
05/10/2008 A New Level from New York City, NY
06/06/2008 Up For Grabs from Hartford, CT
06/07/2008 Respect Is Earned II PPV Taping from Philadelphia, PA
06/27/2008 Battle for Supremacy from Dayton, OH
06/28/2008 Vendetta II from Chicago, IL
07/25/2008 Northern Navigation from Toronto, Ontario, Canada
07/26/2008 New Horizons (PPV) from Detroit, MI
08/01/2008 Fueling The Fire from Manassas, VA
08/02/2008 Death Before Dishonor VI from New York City, NY
08/15/2008 Age of Insanity from Cleveland, OH
08/16/2008 Night of the Butcher II from Chicago Ridge, IL
09/13/2008 Battle of the Best from Tokyo, Japan
09/14/2008 The Tokyo Summit from Tokyo, Japan
09/19/2008 Driven II (PPV) from Boston, MA
09/20/2008 Glory By Honor VII from Philadelphia, PA
10/10/2008 [EVENT POSTPONED] from Coral Springs, FL
10/11/2008 [EVENT POSTPONED] from Orlando, FL
10/24/2008 Return Of The 187 from Danbury, CT
10/25/2008 Ring of Homicide 2 from Edison, NJ
11/07/2008 The French Connection from Montreal, Quebec, Canada
11/08/2008 Bound By Hate from Markham, Ontario, Canada
11/21/2008 Escalation from Dayton, OH
11/22/2008 Rising Above (PPV) from Chicago Ridge, IL
12/05/2008 Wrestling At The Gateway from St. Louis, MO
12/06/2008 Southern Hostility from Nashville, TN
12/26/2008 All Star Extravaganza IV from Philadelphia, PA
12/27/2008 Final Battle 2008 from New York City, NY

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