NWA: Total Nonstop Action PPV
June 19, 2002 - Huntsville, Alabama - Von Braun Center

  1. KICKOFF: Joey Gertner.
    • Joel Gertner introduces the team of Lenny and Bruce, the Rainbow Express..
    • Joel admits that Lenny and Bruce are gay, and tells the crowd he is very straight..
    • Joel say he is associated with the two because he enjoys surrounding himself with winners..
    • The Dupps are introduced as their opponents, but they never show up..
    • Another team, dressed in street clothes, come to the ring for an impromptu match-up.

  2. TAG MATCH: The Rainbow Express vs James Storm & Chris Harrie.
    • Harris & Storm win the match quickly!

  3. MATCH: Jeff Jarrett vs Scott Hall w/Jackie Fargo & Toby Keith.
    • K-Krush runs in and keeps Hall from hitting the Razor's Edge.
    • The referee is distracted while Krush and Grandmaster Sexay go at it on the outside.
    • Toby Keith gets in the ring and assists Hall in driving Jarrett's face into the mat..
    • WINNER: Scott Hall!

  4. MATCH: K-Krush vs Grandmaster..
    • Sterling Marlin interfered.
    • Krush fell victim to Sex-ay's top rope leg drop for the 1, 2, 3.
    • Krush challenged Marlin to a match on July 3 in Nashville.
    • WINNER: Grandmaster Sexay.

  5. MATCH: Apolo vs David Young w/Bobcat.
    • Apolo wins after the Hawaiian Crush.

  6. LIGERIE BATTLE ROYAL: Shannon, Francine,
    • Daffney, now known as Shannon, was pretty dominate throughout.
    • Miss Vaughn (aka Barbara Bush from WWE) wins the match!
    • Francine returned to the ring and stripped the battle royal winner!

  7. INTERVIEW: Ricky Steamboat & Ken Shamrock.
    • Shamrock basically said he respected the title
    • James Vandenburg appeared at the top of the stage.
    • He claimed he had minions out to destroy Shamrock.
    • One of his minions, Slash, appeared at the top of the stage beside the Minister.
    • Shamrock laughed him off.
    • Meanwhile, Malice managed to sneak in from behind..
    • Malice nailed Shamrock with a chokeslam!
    • Shamrock vs Malice for the title at the next taping in Nashville on July 3.

  8. X-TITLE ELIMINATION MATCH: AJ Styles vs Low Ki vs Jerry Lynn vs Psiscosis.
    • Ricky Steamboat is the guest referee..
    • Psicosis was the first to be eliminated.
    • Next out was Low-ki..
    • It came down to AJ Styles and Jerry Lynn.
    • AJ Styles hit a twisting senton leg-drop for the pin and the win!

  9. END OF SHOW....
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