World Wrestling All-Stars
April 10, 2002 - Perth, Australia
Announcers: Jeremy Borash, Stevie Ray & Disco Inferno

  1. THREE-WAY DANCE: Jerry Lynn def AJ Styles & Nova.

  2. HARDCORE MIDGETS: Tio def Puppet
    • Tio had little time to celebrate though.
    • Scott Steiner (and Midajah) made their way to the ring.
    • He didn't rough the midgets up nearly as much as you'd be expecting.
    • Out comes WWA Champion Nathan Jones to save the day.

  3. The Cat & Buff Bagwell def Stevie Ray & Disco Inferno

  4. Jeff Jarrett def 'Grandmaster' Brian Christopher
    • Botched finish.. Referee messes up..

  5. The Funkster (Alan Funk) def Quebecer Pierre

  6. Sabu def Devon Storm

  7. BRA & PANTIES MATCH: Midajah vs Chantelle
    • Chantelle is a local stripper..
    • Eventually, the Hardcore Midgets came from the back and chose a lady each to disrobe.
    • Then Steiner comes out, and he isn't in the mood to play.
    • Puppet gets a swift kick out of the ring
    • Tio is left at the mercy of The Genetic Freak.
    • He presses the little guy above his head, offering different sections of the crowd the chance to join him in a spot of midget toss.
    • And once again the crowd went crazy, cause Nathan Jones was out to make the save.
    • Scotty hurtled Tio at Nathan, who made the fair catch.
    • All that was left was for the bell to ring.

  8. WWA WORLD TITLE MATCH: Nathan Jones vs Scott Steiner
    • Steiner hit Jones with the WWA Title Belt..
    • Steiner gets the 1-2-3 to win the WWA World Title!
    • Suddely the Hardcore Midgets ran out and pointed out the interference to the ref..
    • Jeremy Borash ordered the match to continue.
    • More interference, from Jarrett and Brian Christopher.
    • Jones delivered the big chokeslam on Steiner, for the one, the two and the three.
    • After the match Jones & Christopher danced in the ring..

  9. And that's a wrap..

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