WWE Monday Night RAW 6 14 2010

WWE Monday Night RAW
Location: Charlotte, NC
Date: June 14, 2010
Commentators: Michael Cole and Jerry Lawler

This week’s RAW starts with a video recap of the NXT’s rookies attacking Cena and everyone else in their path, then Wade Barrett talking about it on the newest episode of NXT last Tuesday.

Wade Barrett is in the ring, glowering. The fans are hot. He says for those who don’t know him, he’s Wade Barrett, the Season 1 winner of NXT. He’s there because he’s been forced to apologize for what he did last week. He wants to call out the rest of the guys and do it right. All of the NXT boys come through the crowd. Obviously missing is Bryan. Cole, King and everyone else ringside left. King followed them out to be sure. Wade told Slater to apologize. He said absolutely not. He’d do it again in a heartbeat. Gabriel? No, he still has Goosebumps from last week. Skip? No apologies. No regrets. Tarver? The look of fear of everyone’s eyes were in his dreams all week. Why apologize when there’s no one in the WWE who can make him? Darren? Not a change. Had the time of his life last week. Otunga? For what? They need to apologize to them. Wade says it’s unanimous. The problem with NXT is they were treated like dirt. They were treated like animals and when that happens people turn into animals. They were made to change in a room no bigger than a broom cupboard. They were made to compete in ridiculous challenges. They were at the whim of WWE Pros. And then, worst of they had WWE management who changed the rules on a moment’s notice. Eliminated them on a whim. Made an international joke of them. Jokes are mean to be funny, but none of them were laughing after last Monday. They left the Champion laying and impressed everyone who saw them. So let him tell… Bret cut him off. He said eight guys on one doesn’t make anyone tough. Make them look more like cowards than anything else. Last week they attacked Cena, Punk. Beat up Straight Edge Society, security, announcers, the time keeper and a HOFer. Wade says there was another member, Daniel Bryan. Strangely enough he had some remorse. You’ll never see Daniel Bryan here again. What’s your point. Bret says despite everything Cena will be at Fatal 4 Way. Wade say this has nothing to do with Cena or the fans. It’s between them and management. They have no trouble with anyone in the locker room. They could stay out here arguing or get to business. Business is this. He has a contract and a title shot at a PPV of his choosing. These guys behind have demands of their own. Bret asks what they are? Otunga says, like Barrett, they all want guaranteed WWE contracts. They want their own dressing rooms, no more changing in closets and hallways. They also want first class travel to it all. If they don’t get it, last week will be just the beginning. Wade says a couple weeks ago Vince told him he’d have difficult decision. This isn’t one of them. They’re highly polished, all they need is a contract. Bret says he’s right that it’s his job to find fresh talent, but his answer is no. he’s not signing any of them, as far as he’s concerned. Wade says he’s making a mistake. Bret says they made a big mistake attacking Cena. On account of his actions, he’s not the new, big star, he’s not getting the PPV title match. Why? Because he’s fired. Now, they can get out of the ring or he’ll call the police and have them all arrested. They’re through whether they like it or not. Bret leaves. They all look pissed in the ring. The fans start singing them out, even though they don’t leave.

– Commercial

Video recap of Bret firing Wade and threatening to have them all arrested. King and Cole at announce are thrilled with this. King says you can’t bully your way in, you have to earn respect. Not only is Wade fired, but the rest are gone too. Then Cole starts talking about the Fatal 4 Way Match Cena’s going to be in. King says why not have one now.

Justin announces that the match is for the US Championship. R-Truth out first singing. R-Truth into the ring gives a cheap pop. John Morrison on out next. Then Zack Ryder out to the ring. The Miz is the last to join the party.

Ryder on Morrison, Miz on R-Truth. Ryder sent flying out. R-Truth sent Miz flying and Morrison dropkicked him from the ring. Morrison and R-Truth stared then locked up. R-Truth rolls up Morrison, Ryder breaks it up. Miz trips R-Truth. R-Truth kicks Miz. Morrison rolls Ryder up for two. Ryder flies out, but both Miz and R-Truth move and Ryder lands flat. Miz takes out R-Truth outside and then in. Morrison somehow hit a sunset flip sending Miz out onto Ryder! Everyone on the floor. Morrison up and gets a pop.

– Commercial

Enziguri to Miz from Morrison. Morrison pins for two. Morrison tries again, only gets two. Ryder climbs, Morrison up throwing punches. R-Truth in and power bombs Morrison, sending them all flying. Everyone tries to pin everyone else, then back to wrestling. R-Truth dropped Morrison on his face, then scissor kicked Ryder in the back of his head for two. Miz pulls the ropes down and R-Truth goes flying. Miz baseball slides into Morrison, then goes after Ryder. Miz hits his corner clothesline. Morrison pulls Miz out and clotheslines him. R-Truth takes Ryder down, Morrison breaks the count. Morrison working with R-Truth, Miz rushes them and they both flip Miz out. R-Truth reverses out of a move from Morrison and takes him down hard. Ryder breaks the count. Ryder hit’s a rough Ryder on R-Truth, Morrison breaks the count. Morrison up and flies onto R-Truth. Morrison goes for the pin, but Miz rushes in, throws Morrison out and pins R-Truth for three.

– Winner: The Miz

Recap of how the ending came about. Miz is still celebrating in the ring, kissing the gold. Morrison stares down the ramp at him. Miz points to his brain a couple times, smiling.

Backstage Orton’s getting ready. Josh asks about Orton’s shoulder. Orton says anything can happen in a Fatal 4 Way Match. He predicts another title will change hands. About his shoulder, wait until we see him in with Sheamus. Josh asks what he feels about the NXT boys. He has some respect, he likes making an impact. The other part of him thinks their punks. Either they should be fired or have their brains beaten in. They get off easy getting fired.

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King and Cole talk about Royal Pains. They go to video of Big Show and Mark Feuerstein talking about Big Show’s episode of Royal Pains.

Mark Feuerstein backstage. The Bellas are there. He talks about Big Show being on the show. He says they’d be great on his show. He tells all about the show. Ted walks in, Virgil behind him. Ted offers a new car if he makes Ted the co-guest host. Mark says he has integrity. He might be a little scared of Ted. He loves that he’d love Ted guest host with him… Big Show behind Ted and Virgil and Mark goes crazy talking tough, said he was Main Event Mark when he wrestled in high school. Ted tells Virgil to do something. Big Show steps in and offers a tag team match, Ted and Virgil versus Big Show and Mark Feuerstein. Mark thought it was great. Big Show asked about Main Event Mark. He said he wrestled a little, but it was more figure skating. He then showed off his moves and ended up in Big Show arms. The Bellas caught all this. Big Show says next time Mark catches him, much more impressive. Mark agrees.

Backstage, a really pissed off Cena heading for the ring.

– Commercial

Slam Of The Week – Last Monday’s Viewer Choice Match between Big Show and Jericho – body slam contest. Big Show gets the win, but then makes Jericho submit for the second stipulation. Then Big Show threw Jericho out of the top for a hat trick.

Jericho comes stomping out looking absolutely pissed off. Evan Bourne out to face him.

Jericho kicks Evan, bounces him face first into a corner twice, Evan comes back with head scissors and then sliding kicks to Jericho for two. Jericho clotheslines Evan for two. Punches to Evan, then a suplex and Jericho back in control. Jericho stomps Evan then chokes him in the ropes. Snap mare, then sleeper on Evan in the center of the ring. Evan struggles up and out. Punch to Evan’s head, then thrown into a corner. Evan reverses out of a move and comes back with great kicks. Jericho rolls through Evan’s sunset flip. Evan with more kicks and pin for two. Jericho comes back with a code breaker and Evan somehow kicks out. Jericho goes crazy punching and kicking Evan. The ref kept trying to get Jericho off Evan. Jericho threatened to punch the ref. the ref called for the bell.

– Winner: Evan Bourne via DQ

Evan manages to kick Jericho in the head from the apron. Evan hits his SSP from up high.

Cena up next to talk about last week’s attack.

– Commercial

Cena out to the ring. Cena puts his strap down in the ring. Video of Bret firing Barrett. Mixed reaction for Cena as he stands there. He said he had the night of tonight. Thanks Bret for having his best interest at heart. But the best place for him is here. Also thanks to Bret for not caving into those radicals. There’s a portion of him who respect what they did. They needed to make a statement. To make a statement, you need a target. No one has a bigger target on him than him. Their plan was almost brilliant. Their genius was blinded by their ignorance. Their problem was with management. They tried to fix it by taking RAW away, they made five million new enemies. Then they destroyed a WWE, that’s sacred. Now every WWE wrestler has their number. They’ve been fired. After what they did, getting arrested is the least of their worries. He hopes their watching. He’ll be at Fatal 4 Way, the RAW after and every other night waiting for them to come out and finish it. They’ve been fired, have nothing else to lose. He gives his word that he won’t press charges. The NXT guys come through the crowd. Last week these guys took the target off Cena’s back and put it on their heads! King rushes from announce and into the ring. Evan’s suddenly there. R-Truth, Regal and Santino. Finally one of the NXT boys are in and the fight ensues. Mark Henry into the ring. Barrett beats on King. Orton to the ring. Orton tosses a body out. Edge spears one outside the ring. Sheamus into the ring with a pipe. The NXT boys retreat with WWE boys giving chase! Backstage Slater pushed Henry as he ran past. Santino’s backside is the only one out there, he was the first to take chase after them.

– Commercial

Video of what happened in the ring before the commercial. King talks about how great the feeling it was to get rid of those radicals with all the other boys from the locker room. Cole says rivalries were put aside as they chased them out of the arena. King said again it felt good.

Josh asked Sheamus why he came to the aid of Cena. Sheamus says he’s not letting anyone ruin his match at Fatal 4 Way. If anyone takes out Cena, it will be him.

Video from last week. The Diva Battle Royal. Jillian wanted to be co-winners, but Maryse threw her out so she could win.

Eve comes out in shiny blue and all smiles. Gail Kim comes out in in sparkly black to tag with her. Fox out in bronze and black. Maryse out in a light gold with way too much spray tan.

Eve already getting into it before the bell. Maryse nails forearms to Eve’s face. Eve kicks back. Fox grabs Eve’s hair from outside. Eve attacked back. Back kick from Maryse for two. Fox tags in and they double team Eve. Fox pins for two. Fox suplexes Eve and bridge pins for two (beautifully done move!). Fox gets a chinlock on Eve, then slams her down by her hair. Maryse tags in a kicks Eve. Maryse slams Eve’s head forward onto the mat. Fox tags in, cheap attack on Kim. Fox slams Eve into the heel corner. Fox tries to kick Eve in the face but Maryse takes the kick! Eve hits a neck breaker and pins Fox for three.

– Winners: Eve & Gail Kim

Eve and Gail celebrate in the ring.

Cole talks about Miz winning the US Championship earlier. R-Truth is invoking his rematch clause at Fatal 4 Way.

Main Event Mark and Big Show get ready backstage.

– Commercial

WWE Classics – Pedro Morales faced Don Muraco. Morales got the win, starting their legendary rivalry.

Big Show out to the ring, all smiles. Big Show says it’s his honor to announce the guest host, the star of Royal Pains, Mark ‘The Main Event’ Feuerstein. Mark trips up on the rope on his way in and then chest bumps (chest to belly) Big Show. Ted DiBiase comes out with Virgil a couple paces behind him. Virgil holds the ropes for Ted. Big Show talks to Mark about the match and stuff.

Ted goes around Big Show’s back and grabs around the waist. Bum bump to Ted. Ted slammed into a corner and gets a stink face! Ted pulled up and gets a chest slap. Ted falls back to the mat, coughing. Ted pulled up for another slap that again drops him. Ted whipped and is about to slap but gets a thumb to the eye. Ted on Big Show with punches and kicks. Big Show tosses Ted across the ring. Ted tags Virgil in. Virgil drops down to yell at Ted. Big Show pulls Virgil in by his head. Virgil rolls out the other side. Mark grabs Virgil and sends him back in. Scoop slam to Virgil. Big Show walks across Virgil. Big Show puts Virgil in a corner, rips the front of his shirt down, then slaps his chest. Virgil falls to the mat. Big Show gets Virgil up and choke slams him. Ted yells at Virgil to get up. Mark tags in, starts the worm and completely hits Scotty Too Hotty entire move. After the elbow Mark pinned Virgil for three.

– Winners: Mark Feuerstein & Big Show

Big Show and Mark celebrate up the ring. Ted glares down at Virgil. He pulls out a bill and stuff it in Virgil’s mouth. Ted then thinks better of it, comes back, takes the bill, wipes it on Virgil’s chest and walks off with it.

– Commercial

Regal and Santino in the ring already. Justin announces a Special Guest Ref for this match Vladimir Kozlov. Kozlov out to the ring, takes off his robe to show zebra stripes over his ring gear. He calls for the bell.

Santino dances around goofily. Regal takes him down and drops a knee. Arm bar on Santino send Santino running, then flips him to the mat. Arm hold on the mat. To their feet and some reversals. Santino rolls Regal up, with tights. Kozlov counts a fast three.

– Winner: Santino

Bret calls them up to stand on the stage with him. He’s calling them all to the stage. He won’t let history repeat itself on his watch. NOT on his watch! Everyone comes out to the stage, all the boys. Next Cena and Orton are tagging against Edge and Sheamus. They’re all lined up on stage to make sure the match happens the way it should.

– Commercial

The camera scans down the line of wrestlers on the stage so they all get their face time. Edge out to the ring. Sheamus out to tag with him. King talks about how great it was to see Sheamus get in the ring with his pipe earlier and how strange it was to be happy to see Sheamus and his pipe. Orton out to the ring and in, but watching carefully. Orton poses his famous pose on a corner. Orton and Sheamus stare across the ring at each other. Cena’s music. He comes out to the stage and gets salutes from Henry on one side, Khali on the other. Cena took a few steps down the ramp, turned and saluted the boys. Most of the faces saluted back. Down to the ring and in. Poses from Cena. Cena’s shirt come off and they’re finally ready!

Cena and Sheamus start off. “Cena” chants form women and children. They lock up. Side headlock on Cena. Cena out and locks on an hammerlock. Cena moves to a chinlock on Sheamus and then down on the mat. Sheamus gets to the ropes and Cena let’s go, carefully. Sheamus kicks at Cena who moves, then shakes his head. They lock hand, but then Cena down to grab Sheamus’s leg. Sheamus to the ropes and Cena lets him go. Orton tags in and takes Sheamus down with a side headlock takeover. Sheamus free and backs Orton into a corner. Punches to Orton’s head. Sheamus punches and stomps Orton to the mat. Edge tags in, punches Orton down and poses. Orton hit’s a backbreaker and sets up for the RKO. Edge pushes out of the move and flees the ring.

– Commercial

Edge punching on Cena in a corner. Cena punches his way out. Fisherman suplex on Edge for two. Edge up for an AA, but Edge get free and nails a clothesline. Punches to Edge in the face corner. Edge rolls out. Edge on the apron, Cena reaches for him and he hangs Cena up on the top rope. Edge drags Cena to the heel corner and tags out. They double team Cena. Sheamus beats on Cena, gets a two. High knee from Sheamus takes Cena down. Cena choked in the ropes. Orton freaks out, distracting the ref as Edge chokes Cena and Sheamus beats on his but with punches. “Cena” chants from kids. Cena blocks Edge’s suplex and nails his own. Edge is able to tag out. Sheamus keeps Cena in the match with a kick, elbow drop and punches. Cena rolls to the apron. Sheamus pulls Cena up and nails a forearm to Cena’s chest. Sheamus distracts the ref and Edge attacks outside. Sheamus slams Cena backward into the barrier. Sheamus rolls Cena in and pins for two. Cena stands up into a huge clothesline. Sheamus pins for two. Head/shoulder lock on Cena. Cena to his feet, but Sheamus locks it back on tight and they’re back down to the mat. Sheamus wraps his legs around Cena’s waist. Super Cena to his feet, holding Sheamus up. Cena walks across the ring holding Sheamus the whole way. Cena almost tags out, but can’t quite do it and falls to the mat. Edge tags in and stomps Cena. Cena gets Edge up for the AA. Edge gets free and slams Cena back on the mat. Edge set up for the spear. Cena sidesteps. Edge nails the ring post. They’re both able to tag out. Orton hits Sheamus with a couple of clotheslines. Scoop slam to Sheamus and Orton’s pumped. Sheamus to the apron. Kick to Sheamus and pulls him through to hit his famous DDT. Orton sets Sheamus up, but Edge rushes in. Edge eats the RKO. Double axe handle drops Orton. Sheamus pulls Orton up and nails a backbreaker on Orton for a long two. Sheamus stomps Orton’s arm and shoulder. “RKO” chants. Forearms to Orton’s chest and a hold. Orton up and elbows out, but a knee drops Orton. Sheamus pins for two. Sheamus drags Orton to the heel corner and Edge tags in. Edge slams down on Orton, then punches to Orton while he’s down. A knee to Orton’s head. “Randy” chants. Orton up and throwing punches to both Edge and Sheamus, but drop toe hold takes Orton back to the mat. “RKO” chants. Punches to Orton on the mat. Cena’s reaching for a tag that’s not there. Forearm to Orton. Edge telegraphs and Orton kicks him. Clothesline to Edge. Hot tag to Cena… Cameras go backstage. The NXT boys are back and trashing the place. They grab Bret Hart, throw him in the back of a limo. The limo peals out backward. That limo nails another limo on its way out and keeps going. It peals around, backing into other cars. It crashed into at least three cars. They looked in on Bret. Then the limo back straight into another car. They then pull Bret out of the car. Wade Barrett gets right in Bret’s face and says he has a week to give them an answer.

Source:  www.wrestlingnewsworld.com