WWE SmackDown 2007

WWE SmackDown

2007 Results

01/05/2007Smackdown!Results from Lakeland, FL
01/12/2007Smackdown!Results from Peoria, IL
01/19/2007Smackdown!Results from Little Rock, AR
01/26/2007Smackdown!Results from Mobile, AL
02/02/2007Smackdown!Results from Houston, TX
02/09/2007Smackdown!Results from Omaha, NE
02/16/2007Smackdown!Results from Seattle, WA
02/23/2007Smackdown!Results from San Diego, CA
03/02/2007Smackdown!Results from San Jose, CA
03/09/2007Smackdown!Results from Tucson, AZ
03/16/2007Smackdown!Results from Trenton, NJ
03/23/2007Smackdown!Results from Cleveland, OH
03/30/2007Smackdown!Results from Grand Rapids, MI
04/06/2007Smackdown!Results from Fort Wayne, IN
04/13/2007Smackdown!Results from Providence, RI
04/20/2007Smackdown!Results from Milan, Italy
04/27/2007Smackdown!Results from London, England
05/04/2007Smackdown!Results from Birmingham, AL
05/11/2007Smackdown!Results from Pittsburgh, PA
05/18/2007Smackdown!Results from Baltimore, MD
05/25/2007Smackdown!Results from Des Moines, IA
06/01/2007Smackdown!Results from London, Ontario, Canada
06/08/2007Smackdown!Results from Orlando, FL
06/15/2007Smackdown!Results from Philadelphia, PA
06/22/2007Smackdown!Results from Charlotte, NC
06/29/2007Smackdown!Results from San Antonio, TX
07/06/2007Smackdown!Results from Dallas, TX
07/13/2007Smackdown!Results from New Orleans, LA
07/20/2007Smackdown!Results from Laredo, TX
07/27/2007Smackdown!Results from Fresno, CA
08/03/2007Smackdown!Results from Phoenix, AZ
08/10/2007Smackdown!Results from Youngstown, OH
08/17/2007Smackdown!Results from Uncasville, CT
08/24/2007Smackdown!Results from Columbia, SC
08/31/2007Smackdown!Results from Albany, NY
09/07/2007Smackdown!Results from Cincinnatti, OH
09/14/2007Smackdown!Results from Minneapolis, MN
09/21/2007Smackdown!Results from Atlanta, GA
09/28/2007Smackdown!Results from Indianapolis, IN
10/05/2007Smackdown!Results from Dayton, OH
10/12/2007Smackdown!Results from Detroit, MI
10/19/2007Smackdown!Results from Birmingham, England
10/26/2007Smackdown!Results from Kansas City, MO
11/02/2007Smackdown!Results from Long Island, NY
11/09/2007Smackdown!Results from Bakersfield, CA
11/16/2007Smackdown!Results from Wichita, KS
11/23/2007Smackdown!Results from Tampa, FL
11/30/2007Smackdown!Results from Roanoke, VA
12/07/2007Smackdown!Results from Florence, SC
12/14/2007Smackdown!Results from Boston, MA
12/21/2007Smackdown!Results from Rochester, NY
12/28/2007Smackdown!Best of SmackDown! 2007 Special

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