The Ring of Friendship


By “The Golden Boy” Greg Anthony, OWW contributor

Once upon a time there was an organization named the Cauliflower Alley Club and its sole purpose was the preservation of professional wrestling. Although that may be its sole purpose, it really is so much more. “The Ring of Friendship” a phrase that has been used on many occasions throughout the history of the CAC but I’m not sure even that gives it justice. Only a week removed from the 49th annual CAC and only one word keeps going through mind and beating in my heart and that word is “Family”.

When you grow up a wrestling fan then you kind of grow up an outsider. So you try to find a few friends that share your passion but for wrestlers then it was never enough to just sit on the sidelines and watch. We had to chase an impossible dream.

Once you are in the business you realize how many people love the business. You see how many people, like you, were actually out there. Not satisfied with sitting in the crowd with a popcorn and homemade sign but rather competing in between the ropes and posts.

After awhile though, you start to see the people that unbeknownst to themselves are tearing down the very sport they claim to love. Those who refuse to improve, to better themselves, to make any sacrifice in name of professional wrestling. They started out with a dream just like us but they have been misguided, placated to for years by promoters that are better suited to sell their souls than a wrestling ticket.

At my first CAC my eyes were opened. These men, these women are the cream of the crop. These men, these women are everything that is good about professional wrestling. These man, these woman aren’t just men and women. They are brothers and sisters, sons and daughters, fathers and mothers.

They are all family.

— Greg Anthony is a 14 year veteran of professional wrestling that has been featured on national and international television. Notably as a tag team with legendary partner   “Beautiful” Bobby Eaton as Midnight Gold. Greg is also a promoter, booker and columnist that has been featured by top promotions and websites.