Steve Corino’s impact in ROH

Steve C

ROH Ringside – Issue #17

This issue is going to talk about a feud that happened a while back however lasted for a few shows. That feud was one of the first true ROH feuds I can remember, if you don’t count the Prophecy vs. ROH in general. It was very intense and you actually believe Homicide and Steve Corino hated each, when in their promos they let their emotions hang out, and with the in-ring psychology between the two. This is one of the reasons I like ROH I don’t know who writes the promos, and how matches are played out, but the wrestlers are very believable and they know their psychology, maybe better than the W.W.E.

The feud kind of started in a tag match at “Glory by Honor” where Homicide and Steve Corino fought the Backseat Boyz, where there was some miscommunication between both wrestlers and Steve Corino ends up superkicking Homicide.

The following show Steve Corino is talking to Low Ki about their Zero One match, when Homicide comes in and they start arguing about what happened at “Glory by Honor”.  After this match, Da Hit Squad see Homicide sharpening his fork and he attacks Steve Corino with it as they are pulled apart.

At the show “Scramble Madness” Steve Corino cuts a promo saying that he’s quitting ROH because it has no respect (for what happened with Homicide and the fork).

At final battle 2002 Steve Corino shows up, despite supposedly quitting at “Scramble Madness” announcing the formation of a new group in ROH On the other hand, Homicide walks into the Backseat Boyz. They all agree that Steve Corino is a dick.

Their first one-on-one encounter would happen at ROH’s first anniversary show, called “ironically” “One Year Anniversary”. Before the match, Steve and Homicide have a small back and forth argument on the microphone when finally Homicide attacks Steve Corino with the microphone and the match is underway.

The match itself was pretty good with chairs being involved in the affair. Steve would go on to win the match with a Cobra Sleeper where Homicide’s arm dropped three times as he lost consciousness. Steve Corino’s group beats on Homicide after the match, and this leads to the infamous “Crowd Riot”. I’ll explain about this riot in another issue.

Steve Corino would be gone during the next couple of months to go to Japan, but despite this, the feud would not die. At “Night of Champions” Homicide delivers a Cop-Killer to Steve Corino’s girlfriend Simply Luscious to provoke Steve to come back to ROH and settle things.

Their next match would happen at “Bitter Friends, Stiffer Enemies” where it would become “Hardcore”. This was a very intense and great match in my opinion, and really “showed the hatred” between both men. This is the match, where Homicide slapped Steve Corino on the side of the head and Steve Corino lost the hearing in his left ear. I was always skeptical and still am, of if the hearing loss was a work or legit, and it looks to be legit. Another reason to love ROH, they can sell real life situations, both the wrestlers themselves and the promotion as a whole. This ear injury would be a focal point of the promos from Steve Corino. This match had it all, it was bloody, it had ring psychology, it had weapons and to top it all off Steve Corino did not tap to Homicide’s STF. Steve’s corner man, Guillotine LeGrande, threw in the towel on Steve’s behalf.

At “Main Event Spectacle” Homicide got attacked by Steve Corino, with a chain, where Steve wrapped the chain around his fist, trying to deafen Homicide’s hearing as revenge.  At this show, it was announced that Steve Corino and Homicide would face each other one last time (as if this means anything in pro wrestling), at “War of the Wire”.

The night before that match at “The Conclusion” Homicide would cost Steve Corino a victory against Josh Daniels (an overrated wrestler in my opinion).

This leads us to the infamous Barbed Wired Match at “War of the Wire”. Before the match, the cameras followed Steve and Homicide throughout the night.

This match is one of my favorite matches of all time, let alone in ROH history. I had never watched a complete barbed wired match until this point, I had only watched highlights of barbed wire matches on YouTube from both C.Z.W. and E.C.W., and this match did not disappoint. It was great ring psychology.

The following is the best moments of the match.

At the beginning, both men are afraid to go into the wire, and tease hitting the wire. Homicide is the first to go into the wire, via…HIS NECK. Homicide attacks Steve Corino’s deaf ear with a fork and with a barbed wired two by four.  Homicide throws part of the railing into the ring, hitting Corino in the head with it.  While Homicide has Steve Corino in the S.T.F. Guillotine LeGrande throws rubbing alcohol into Homicide’s eyes. Steve Corino wraps barbed wire around Homicide’s neck and puts on the cobra sleeper. Juilus Smokes throws in the towel after this last move.  A great “ending” to a great feud.

The problem with independent promotions is that they have to be cautious with playing out storylines. Out of nowhere, the wrestlers can be signed by W.W.E. or T.N.A., no-show or get injured. However, in this sense, I believe ROH does a great job in playing out their feuds. Add to the fact, something I stated earlier, which is that wrestlers know how to sell themselves and their matches more than in the W.W.E.

This feud had it all. It had great matches, bloody matches. It had great promos, it had emotion. It had a real injury. It had length (it was not rushed), and in summary, it was believable. I wish the W.W.E. would play out feuds this good. They don’t have to be bloody, nor be hardcore, but they need to have feeling, and a purpose, so that the fans will get involved.

If Steve Corino had been in ROH on a more regular basis, during the period this had taken place, I’m sure it would’ve added much more to the feud and who knows what it could’ve been. Currently, I just finished watching “The Future is Now”, and from what I heard of, Steve Corino and Homicide would have a few encounters down the line in ROH, which I doubt it can reach the level of the feud described, but I definitely recommend any wrestling fan to watch these the shows mentioned above to live this feud, which for me is still one of the best ROH has done until now.

— Jose Perez