Roman Reigns Isn’t An Underdog

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Heel Turn: Roman Reigns Isn’t An Underdog
By Joe Messineo

Roman Reigns recently turned down a deal offered to him by The Authority in which he would have been awarded the WWE Championship without having to compete in a tournament for the championship.

Reigns turned down that opportunity because he felt like he should earn the title by working for it, not by being awarded the belt. Reigns has had several opportunities to capture the WWE Championship.

With this in mind, can Reigns be considered an underdog?

The History of Roman Reigns 

One of the reasons WWE fans aren’t able to get behind Roman Reigns as an underdog is the fact that he does not resonate with those that have a gritty, uphill climb that brought them into the WWE.

Although Reigns played collegiate football at Georgia Tech, his family consists of WWE Legends such as Dwayne The Rock Johnson, Rikishi, Yokozuna and others. Given the fact that Reigns has a wrestling pedigree, it becomes hard for some fans to think of Roman Reigns as a underdog.

Reigns Gets Significant Push by WWE 

Some fans felt as if Roman Reigns has been pushed mercilessly by the WWE as the next WWE Champion.

Reigns has been a contender for the championship for the past year and a half, constantly flirting with opportunities to win the title.

Going back to Reign’s wrestling pedigree, many fans feel as if Reigns has not paid his dues like other competitors, thus giving him advantages that push him past other competitors in the title race.

Some of the names that come to mind are Cesaro and Dean Ambrose. Many WWE fans seek an organic rise to prominence, and the premier example of this is the Daniel Bryan phenomenon.

Reigns Gets Pushed as a Face 

Take a good long look at Roman Reigns. It’s almost like he has the look of a video game character. The name Roman Reigns actually sounds like an awesome video game character name!

To some, Reigns resembles the hero of an FPS video game. Think along the lines of an elite special forces member. Take a second look at Reigns when you consider his signature black vest and piercing stare down. Roman Reigns looks the part but Reigns doesn’t always play the part on the mic.

Romans Reigns Doesn’t Get Over as a Face on the Mic 

Fans choose who they like and wrestling storylines usually revolve around getting pops from the crowd. That’s how an organic storyline usually plays out in the wrestling world.

For many fans, Reigns seems to have been pushed too hard by creative control to be a good guy. Roman Reigns has a mellow demeanor on the mic, which may be his personality in real life, but in the ring, it doesn’t resonate with his character.

Roman Reigns Going Forward 

Roman Reigns has had shot after shot at the WWE Title. At WWE Tables, Ladders and Chairs, he will have yet another opportunity to win back the WWE World title that he briefly held at WWE Survivor Series.

With Reigns getting this many opportunities to win the belt in such a short period of time, Reigns can no longer be viewed as an underdog, considering underdogs usually don’t get multiple chances to redeem themselves.

Joe Messineo