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My Sacrifice Predictions

Our resident philosopher looks at the next TNA Pay Per View. He picks the winners and makes a few predictions about future storyline possibilties.

TNA is back with another semi-gimmick Pay-per-view. Not all the matches have goofy stipulations but many do. This PPV made some major changes after Thursday’s Impact. There are new tag champs, thanks to a Feast or Fired briefcase that has been in storage for months. This show is basically the set-up for the Slammiversary show. Let’s take a look at this B-Grade PPV and see what just might happen.

Beer Money v Motor City Machine Guns v. Team 3D
#1 Contender Match

Predictions: I have to think that the winner of this one gets a title shot at Slammiversary. With wCw (We Control Wrestling) aka The Band just winning the straps, I would imagine the TNA really wants to roll out the big guns for the next PPV. With that in mind, I really expect Team 3D to take this one and move forward to challenge for the belts.

Predicted Winner: Team 3D
Predicted Grade: B- (basically an Impact Hour Turner-level match)

Tara v Madison Rayne
Career v Knockout Title

Backstory: Rayne took the title from Angelina Love, who won it from a glorified Crackerjack Box. Tara is ticked off that she only ended up with a freakin’ spider. Tara has been moving towards a full heel turn in recent weeks. Tara also gave notice, a few weeks back.

Prediction: Since Tara made such a big stink, online, about wanting to leave TNA, I really think she will get what she wants. She is going to lose, likely under nefarious means. I just hope and pray that Spider-Woman doesn’t show up, under a mask, to battle for the title. I kinda expect that to happen, sadly.

Predicted Winner: Madison Rayne
Predicted Grade: C

Orlando Jordan v Rob Terry
Global Title Match

Backstory: Jordan came in as the first bi-sexual wrestler. He set his lustful sights on Terry and his Global belt. Jordan has attacked Terry, several times, leading up this battle.

Prediction: This one is actually difficult for me to call. I absolutely hate Jordan. His character is one of the most offensive characters, ever, in wrestling. He is milking his deviant lifestyle to try and climb out of the jobber spot he was in. I really want Terry to embarrass this slime ball. I hope Terry squashing Jordan.

Predicted Winner: Rob Terry
Predicted Grade: C

Mr. Anderson v Jeff Hardy

Prediction: Hardy’s future is questionable, due to his drug-related charges and his pending court date. I have to imagine that Anderson is working towards a run at the World title. I expect to see Anderson pull some sneaky stuff to hit the Mic Check to move into contention for the World title

Predicted Winner: Mr. Anderson
Predicted Grade: B+

Desmond Wolfe v Abyss
Hall of Fame Ring v Chelsea’s services for 30 days

Backstory: Abyss was gifted Hulk Hogan‘s Hall of Fame Ring, which set off Ric Flair. Flair has sent several people after The Monster but none have gotten the job done (including Flair, himself). This time, Desmond Wolfe has put up his valet, Chelsea, against the ring. They even tried to frame Abyss for an assault on Chelsea. Lacey Von Erich‘s cell phone video showed that Abyss was innocent.

Prediction: Abyss is going to clean Wolfe’s clock. Wolfe just hasn’t done anything since coming to TNA. Wolfe and Bryan Danielson should switch places and maybe one of them would get a fair deal out of these train wreck careers. Winning Chelsea isn’t going to be a prize. She is going to make Abyss’ life more Hell that his “pappy” James Mitchell did. Abyss with the Black Hole Slam to win the vixen and keep the ring.

Predicted Winner: Abyss
Predicted Grade: C+

INK Inc v wCw/The Band</b?
World Tag Team title match

Backstory: Hall and Nash have reunited. and used a Feast or Fired briefcase to pin Matt Morgan, after Samoa Joe nailed a Muscle Buster on him. So Shannon Moore and Jesse Neal (INK Inc) now have to face a team that they were not prepared for. Hmmm…This one might be just a little tough to call (sarcasm dripping).

Prediction: Despite the fact that Hall is a bloated goof and the scars on Nash’s knees are only outdone by the grooves on Abdullah the Butcher’s skull, these two are Hogan’s best buddies and will hang onto the belts. Slammiversary really needs some fantastic battles. wCw v Team 3D would fit the bill. Moore and Neal are going to have to work really hard…to lose. Moore and Neal should run rings around H&N, only to have wCw take advantage of Neal’s rookie status to keep the straps.

Predicted Winner: wCw
Predicted Grade: D

Douglas Williams v Kazarian
X-Division Title Match

Backstory: Williams got trapped in Europe by the volcano. TNA stripped him of the the X-title and set up a impromptu match to determine the new champ. Kaz won it but Williams still retained the belt, itself.

Prediction: This one has me a tad baffled. The fans have complained that stripping Williams was a lousy thing to do, even if they don’t like the guy. Kaz’s return hasn’t drawn the type of excitement that management hoed for. To right a wrong, I really think Williams should take the win. I honestly think Kaz is going to retain and Williams will eventually shift his focus to the Global strap. Kaz takes it with the Flux Capacitor.

Predicted Winner: Kazarian
Predicted Grade: A-

Sting v Jeff Jarrett

Backstory: Sting decided to join the heel forces to the almost-shock of the fans. Jarrett took serious exception and they’ve fought all over the place. I have a funny feeling that I know where this one is going to go.

Prediction: Again, this all boils down to Slammiversary. I really think TNA is prepping Sting v RVD at the big PPV. Sting is going to pull some nasty tricks to take out Jarrett. Bet the farm that the bat is going to come into play.

Predicted Winner: Sting
Predicted Grade: B

A.J. Styles v Rob Van Dam
TNA World Title match

Backstory: RVD battled Jeff Hardy to determine a Number One Contender. RVD skated past Hardy and then returned at the end of the night to end Styles’ latest World title run. Styles fumed and then struck RVD, demanding his rematch for the title.

Prediction: I’d almost bet my horse, Johnny the Bull, that RVD is leaving the PPV with the title. RVD really needs to hold the belt to face Sting or Samoa Joe at Slammiversary. Styles is going to try every dirty trick that Ric Flair taught him to try and regain the strap. RVD is still going to squeak past him. After the match, either Joe or Sting is going to hit the ring and destroy RVD.

Precited Winner; RVD, though he won’t be standing after the battle
Predicted Grade: A

Final Grade: B-

Final Thoughts: Much like Elimination Chamber is a lead-in to Wrestlemania, this is the harbinger of Slammiversary. This will allow TNA to kick start some of their best matches of the year. This show will be mediocre but it is necessary to make the next one really work.


–Jay Shannon
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