Several Wrestlers Cut Ties With CHIKARA

The #SpeakingOut movement continues to rock the professional wrestling industry and now CHIKARA is being accused of several incidents of abuse and assault.

Wiggy also shared another individual’s allegations, one of many people to come forward about CHIKARA and Quackenbush’s treatment of them.

Hallowicked, an assistant trainer at The Wrestle Factory and a CHIKARA stalwart, announced that he’s stepping away from both the company and The Wrestle Factory due to the allegations.

Joshua Wells and Count King Worldstar, via Twitter, also cut ties with CHIKARA. Callux The Castigator also Tweeted about the matter. “Please don’t take a lack of statement as us condoning the abhorrent behavior,” wrote Callux. “Most of us found out the moment you did. We’re hurting. We’re processing. Please be patient right now. I’m sorry.”

The allegations against Chikara come days after they dismissed a wrestler due to allegations against him. CHIKARA cut ties with Kobald on June 19 after multiple women accused him of physical and mental abuse, including one woman who said Kobald would physically attack, burn and verbally abuse her.

CHIKARA issued the following statement on Kobald’s release:

We have been made aware of a recent allegation about Kobald.

We take all allegations of misconduct very seriously, and are looking into the matter.

Our priority is and always will be the safety of our fans, cast & crew.

In accordance with this, Kobald has been removed from our roster.

Quackenbush has not issued a statement or responded to a request for comment regarding the latest allegations.