Sinister, Evans, and Kahmora – The Southwest Rises


Charisma Corner with Bob Eager:
Sinister, Evans, and Kahmora – The Southwest Rises

Chris Evans is a member of the armed forces and deserves our respect. Evans is a textbook wrestler who can improvise if needed wit the best of them. The Guru also known as Lonny Hamel sits ringside cheering on Evans and all the other AWF favorites. Evans has been world heavyweight champion and has faced opponents such as Alexander Hammerstone.

He was the first AWF champion. Make no mistake about it even though he is a sportsman, he is also an Equal Opportunity defeater. Recently, he has battled in an inter-gender match getting the victory against Kahmora. His reoccurring battles with Alex Sinister have had the fans out of their seats in anticipation. The first confrontation left him coming up short. The next time Evans used his veteran experience to score the pinfall. They settled their feud recently in a Falls Count Anywhere epic final encounter.

In a world turned upside down , there is comfort in knowing that a good guy like Evans can still prevail.

Alex Sinister is also an up and coming star. He has his own video entitled the Stunning sensation. He has faced and has won battles not only with the aforementioned Chris Evans but also has faced stars such as Evan Daniels and R Three and Jay Garland. He has been a part of shows called New Dawn and Seasons Bleedings. This rookie maybe young but he is ready to take on all comers and may surprise the fans and any doubters about his abilities.

Kahmora is one of the few female stars who have been willing to mix it up with the boys. She is a tough competitior going toe to toe with the aforementioned Chris Evans. She has also been the WWA women’s champion. She has batteld other female stars such as Hudson Envy and Ruby Raze. In LA, she has a match with three other competitors who are all male. She calls it her biggest match to date.

Watch for all three of these stars invading the Southwest and then spreading their influence across the US and abroad.