Slammiversary Preview & Predictions

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Slammiversary Preview & Predictions

The Kingfish Arnie Katz gets you ready for TNA’s eighth anniversary celebration, TNA’s second-biggest pay per view of the year.

It’s Slammiversary time! No one can accuse TNA of setting up one of its infamous “throwaway” pay per views, though it is unlikely that we’ll see a buy-rate breakthrough, either.

Even though the World Tag Team Championship match got scratched, it’s a strong card. There are a some competitive title contests as well as a few grudge fights. The Band isn’t on the card, which eliminates a good spot for a refrigerator or bathroom run, but the trusty DVR can take care of that.

Let’s look at the matches:

Brother Rat vs. Jesse Neal
Background: Navy hero Jesse Neal started out as a student of Team 3D, Now Brother Ray wants to take the young wrestler to school.
My Prediction: They will tease Devon doing something to deter Brother Ray, but the partners won’t actual come to blows/ It’ll be more like a distraction or a misguided attempt to just stop the fighting. Ray should win, but Neal is probably going to steal a victory.
Predicted Grade: B-

Hernandez vs. Mat Morgan
Background: Super Mex is back and, on iMPACT, left him staring up at the lights.
My Prediction: This is very tough to call. Ordinarily, the lean would be to Morgan, but it’s hard to believe that TNA won’t give Hernandez a “welcome back” win. They could have Homicide gum up the works, but that feels like a swerve they’ve already done.
Predicted Grade: B

AJ Styles vs. Jay Lethal
Background: Lethal put himself in Ric Flair’s crosshairs with his imitation of the Nature Boy. This match was put on the card when Flair and Styles still seemed to be mentor and pupil. Relations between them are now much more uncertain, so AJ must wonder how much support he can expect.
My Prediction: This would be the perfect moment for Flair to truly turn on Styles and cost him the match. He could appear to be helping Styles and then, at the last second, lay him out for Lethal. Jay will suffer a post-match beat-down.
Predicted Grade: A-

Kurt Angle vs. Kazarian
Backgr0und: Kurt will try to start his climb up the ranking. Kazarian, ousted by Styles, wants to impress Ric Flair.
My Prediction: Wouldn’t it be a total gas if Kurt lost this? He could then display his acting ability by doing a reality show version of The Wrestler before returning to greatness. More likely, hell beat Kazarian.
Predicted Grade: B

Jeff Hardy & Mr. Anderson vs. Beer Money
Background: The new, still tentative partnership of Hardy and Anderson faces its first test – and it’s a severe one. Roode and Storm are widely recognized as the best team in the promotion.
My Prediction: It would be ridiculously, laughably, absurdly premature to show cracks in the Anderson-Hardy team so soon after its formation. It’s far better to build them up as buddies in a feud against Beer Money, which Beer Money will eventually win when Anderson double-crosses the Charismatic Enigma. Anderson and Hardy will win the match, though it may be as a result of a Beer Money DQ.
Predicted Grade: B+

Abyss vs. Desmond Wolfe
Monsters Ball
>B>Background: Wolfe gradually eased into the position of Abyss’ primary enemy, starting as a surrogate for Ric Flair. The Masked Monster won the services of Chelsea for a month and Wolfe has vowed to take her back and beat Abyss at his own game, the Monsters Ball.
My Prediction: The booking is likely to focus on Chelsea. The story hasn’t been very good to this point and early mistakes prevent this from being a battle to win back Chelsea. After all, she’s supposed to revert to Desmond Wolfe about now, anyway. Chelsea has not shown any softening toward Abyss in her appearances on TV, so she will lure the Masked Mountain to his first Monsters Ball loss.
Predicted Grade: B+

Roxxi vs. Madison Rayne
Knockout Championship
Background: Roxxi is back and looking good. She demanded, and go, a title shot.
My Prediction: Even though TNA hasn’t given Roxxi a decent push, a win for her would make a lot of sense. It would have many positive results for the promotion:
Roxxi will make a more dynamic and exciting champion. Angelina Love can do her heel act as Roxxi’s challenger. Madison Rayne can return to The Beautiful People, which has the added bonus of reducing the ring time for Lacey Von Erich. So, a Roxxi win is a victory for everyone.
Predicted Grade: B

Brian Kendrick versus Douglas Williams
X Division Championship
Background: Williams continues his domination of the high flyers of the division. Brian Kendrick is still a relatively known quantity in TNA, but he has held titles in WWE.
My Prediction: TNA again demonstrates its uncanny knack for putting the wrong guy into an X Division championship match. The wrestler who is on a hot streak with the fans is never the challenger; it’s always someone with no build-up, thrust into the title picture without first getting him over with the fans. Kendrick might make a good match-up against Williams in terms of what happens in the ring, but the opening bell will ring on a decidedly tranquil audience.
Predicted Grade: B+

Sting vs. Rob Van Dam
TNA Heavyweight Championship
Background: Sting’s incomprehensible and seemingly unmotivated crusade against everyone connected with TNA reached a crescendo on the 6/10 iMPACT. During a sneak attack on RVD, the erratic Icon stole his championship belt.
My Prediction: If Sting by pin or submission, loses this match, RNA has wasted a lot of its fans’ time with an angle that added up to nothing. Sting could win the title, but his theft of the belt suggests that he won’t leave Slammiversary with legitimate possession of the strap. Sting will get disqualified and then run off with the belt again.
Predicted Grade: A-

That’s all for this installment of the Internet’s fastest-rising pro wrestling column. I’ll be back on Monday with my analysis of Slammiversary. I hope you’ll join me then and, please, bring your friends.

\– Arnie Katz
Executive Editor
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