Stop Holding Bray Wyatt Down

Please stop holding Bray Wyatt down! It’s not very difficult to see that the WWE has set a trend of holding great talent down.

The list of performers is a mile long but the main person on it, in my mind, is Bray Wyatt. The entire Wyatt Family is definitely on this list as well, just maybe not with the prominence that Bray has. I’m literally getting so sick and tired of hoping and wishing that the WWE will recognize how much they are under-utilizing “The Eater of Worlds,” and how much more of an iconic figure and performer he can grow to be if they give him the opportunities. It seems like the long-term goal is to have Bray sort of take the place of The Undertaker on the roster after he retires as the main dark character of the company, but WWE is progressively killing the idea altogether like a slow burn.



RR14_Photo_118Wyatt has the look, stature, personality, and in-ring prowess that is totally believable in relation to the character itself that he portrays. In other words, if I was walking down some dark trail along a southern bayou on a humid summer night and I crossed paths with an ominous lantern-bearing Bray Wyatt, I surely believe I would get a sickening feeling in the pit of my gut and my skin would begin to crawl. The guy is big and he is intimidating to begin with, but then he also looks like he might be simmering fresh body parts in his caldron when he isn’t wrestling. I don’t think there could ever be a better character for him to portray. It is one of the very few gimmicks in WWE today that feels right and as believable as possible, but only when it’s done correctly from a creative and consistent standpoint.

The man knows how to cut one hell of a promo. He has the ability to basically suck you in to listen to what he’s saying. You can agree, disagree, like, or dislike his messages but he’s going to make you want to hear them regardless. The way that he can make his words come across is many times prophetic in nature and it totally adds another layer and element to his character, which is awesome. The problem is the material that he has to work with; it’s become redundant and repetitive now, like he’s saying the same things over and over again but with different words. You can only tell people so many times about how you’re going to bring the “apocalypse” and “crush every titan” in the WWE before we, as fans, are going to want to see something happen that bares some truth to his words. How scary can he possibly be if he can’t do anything without his three goons? It makes him look weak as hell and I wonder if anyone at the WWE has realized this. They are flat-out burying this poor guy.Bray_Wyatt_-_Windham_Lawrence_Rotunda_16

As I was watching RoadBlock last night and hoping for something really awesome to happen, like usual, I watched Bray Wyatt literally acting as if he was deathly afraid to set foot in that ring with Brock Lesnar. He just stood by the outside of the ring and watched as “The Beast” dismantled Luke Harper all over the mat which made him look like a coward. Let’s also take into account that this past week on one of the shows Wyatt claimed that he would “slay the beast” at RoadBlock. It got even worse when I watched him basically run from Lesnar after the maiming of Harper was complete. I was almost about to run to my bathroom to puke just as fast as he was running from Brock, it was disgusting and distasteful. Could the WWE make the guy look any weaker? How are we supposed to get behind the guy in any way, shape, or form when they are making him lie to us? I could believe that Wyatt would throw a sheep to that beast, but then I would expect him to get face-to-face with Lesnar afterwards. The enthusiasm and passion that emanates from his character absolutely demands this type of action for him to get and stay “over.” I want Wyatt to be on The Undertaker’s level and the WWE is not allowing him to get there.


This type of stuff has got to stop, end of story. I really don’t understand how the WWE allows this to happen; it’s to the point where things are becoming way too predictable. I’m saying that there is no reason why I should be expecting that they will do nothing with Bray, and then they don’t. Where is the appeal there because I can’t find it. The proof is right in front of everyone’s face, the guy has nothing for WrestleMania at all. He has no angle, no rivalry, and no match just 3 weeks out from the huge show. There is no logical reason for this and it’s pathetic. What the WWE is doing with Wyatt right now is the equivalent of them having had The Undertaker be a “jobber” when he was coming up in the early 1990’s, it just doesn’t make any sense!


e01617e8c014606c0a6f02642e6ba138I know that I’m not the only person that feels this way. I’ve heard many fans and many people in the wrestling business express their dislike for what the WWE does with Wyatt. The guy is interesting and captivating, so let him be himself. Don’t bury the guy week after week by having him cut the same sub-par promo, that we’ve basically already seen, about how he is going to bring desolation and damnation upon us all, and then he’s getting pinned cleanly by Dolph Ziggler 30 minutes later. It’s all a detriment to Bray Wyatt and this stuff makes a mockery of the talent; clearly Wyatt hasn’t been spared. Let’s break this up and make our voices heard. We should be sticking up and fighting for the people we like.


Just remember, as always, these are my thoughts and opinions. I am always open to hearing the thoughts and opinions of others. Please leave your feedback!

Stop the trend, stop the madness! #WAKEUPTHEWYATT

By: Ian Patrick Gagnon