Veteran pro wrestler Adam Knight publishes an eBook “Cowboy Ending”

Cowboy Ending CoverWINNIPEG – Independant Pro-Wrestler adds “Self Published Author” to his resume. “Cowboy Ending” is the first book to be released in a series of eBooks entitled “OVERDRIVE.”

Based in Winnipeg, “Cowboy Ending” is an urban fantasy novel following the life of a nightclub bouncer named Joe who stumbles into a world of betrayal, deception and eventually murder. Joe is living a mundane existence, struggling to get by on a call centre paycheque and whatever he can scrounge together bouncing on weekends in order to care for his ailing mother. After a violent incident at the club, Joe begins to notice terrible things happening in the world around him. Eventually Joe is faced with the decision to get involved in other people’s troubles at the expense of the few things in his life he has left to lose.

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