Salem Sinner Sixx is the new AIWF world heavyweight champion!

Salem SinnerOn November 30th in Clinton Mississippi, Salem Sinner Sixx defeated Kyle Matthews to become the new AIWF World Heavyweight champion. The Salem Sinner has been chasing Kyle since May when Kyle won the title in a 4 way elimination match in Blue Ridge Georgia, defeating Sixx, Justin Overstreet, and Justin Flash in what many are calling the match of the year in the AIWF.

Sixx had been elimanated from the 4 way match by disqualification, thus allowing him to say he was never defeated by Matthews. The rematch between Sixx, and Matthews has been anticipated by AIWF fans for months.


SirMo1AIWF Senior Executive Vice President Tim Dolan announced recently that in an effort to further solidify the AIWF’s prominence we are pleased to introduce Bobby Horne as Vice President of Talent Relations.  Most people will remember Mr. Horne as Sir Mo from his WWF days as a member of Men on a Mission, a tag team with his former partner Mabel (Viscera).

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