M.V.D. – Most Valuable Divas – Week of December 8, 2013: Natalya and Alicia Fox

MVDOWW Women’s Wrestling Columnist Eric Holt chooses his M.V.D.- Most Valuable Diva(s) of the week, based on television matches, promos, and/ or segments.

On this week’s episode of Main Event, a match up that never fails to impress took place: Alicia Fox vs Natalya. Every time a diva fan hears that an Alicia Fox vs Natalyais going to take place, they instantly know that it’s going to be a great match, and this week on Main event, their match was just as great as all their other matches from the past.

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M.V.D. – Week Of 12/9/12

“M.V.D. – Most Valuable Diva” is a weekly column where a WWE Diva or TNA Knockout is named the Most Valuable Diva of the Week based on their overall performance. The divas/knockouts that compete in matches and/or take part in segments automatically get nominated for Most Valuable Diva.

This week’s nominees for M.V.D. are:

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