GUEST COLUMN: “Live at Battleground: Fans left ornery” by Dave Hillhouse

WWE BattlegroundEditor’s note: This column originally appeared on and was written by Dave Hillhouse.

BUFFALO, NY — Ah, Buffalo …you know how to take a ribbing in stride. Every single time the WWE rolls into town, there will be jokes about your football team, your chicken wings, and your weather. Tonight, you are treated to a brand, spanking-new pay-per-view with Battleground, so the WWE must like you. They must really, really like you. So why were you chanting “bull—-” at the end of the show?

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IWC Round-up: WWE’s Battleground PPV

WWE BattlegroundIWC Round-up: WWE’s Battleground PPV

Did you enjoy last night’s WWE pay-per-view Battleground? Here’s what some of the best writers from the Internet Wrestling Community are saying about the show:

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GUEST COLUMN: “WWE Has Booked Itself into a Corner with the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan Main Event” by David Bixenspan

Orton and BryanEditor’s note: This column originally appeared on and was written by David Bixenspan.

WWE’s first-ever (first annual?) Battleground pay-per-view event is this Sunday, and as of this writing, it feels fairly cold for a WWE PPV.

Night of Champions was WWE’s first bad show in a long time. Battleground is coming too soon, and of the three announced matches so far, two are Night of Champions rematches.  The lion’s share of online discussion I’ve seen of the main event has been centered around what exactly the finish of the Randy Orton vs. Daniel Bryan main event will be.

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