Bret Hart talks about CM Punk leaving WWE, and more

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Bret Hart was recently interviewed by The Boston Herald. Here are some highlights:

WrestleMania X against his brother Owen: “WrestleMania X will always be my most special one because of the memory of being with my brother Owen. There was a lot of pressure on Owen to fill those shoes as a top heel. The storyline was the bitter hatred between two brothers, but Owen was really grateful to work with me. I went to bat a lot for Owen for that chance, and he really shined that night. I thought that was one of his finest hours. There were two reverse sharpshooters in that match, which had never been done before. Those are the tiny little things that no one really remembers or notices, but made that match a real treat. And what I really love about the match is how it launched my brother’s career.”

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PodcastOne and WWE present: “30 YEARS OF WRESTLEMANIA” Episode 4 guest – Bret “Hitman” Hart

wwe-podcast-logo-300x300bPodcastOne and WWE present: “30 YEARS OF WRESTLEMANIA”  Episode 4 guest – Bret “Hitman” Hart

Since roaring onto the scene in 1985, WrestleMania has grown into a global pop culture phenomenon. Explore The Showcase of the Immortals from the perspective of the WWE Legends and Superstars who laid its foundation. Each episode, ring greats from the past and present join their host, WWE announcer Renee Young, to discuss their favorite matches, the upcoming 30th edition of WrestleMania, plus, the memories they look forward to reliving on WWE Network – WWE’s all-new 24/7 streaming network with a massive on-demand library.

Episode #4 of this podcast features the WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart!

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Bret Hart talks about his health in this interesting interview

bret_hartPrimo’s Wrestling in Canada recently spoke with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart.  Bret talks about wrestlers taking chairshots, his health, injuries, and much more. Bret says if Vince McMahon made him the boss of WWE he would make the titles mean more. Bret also says you would never have guys who are 15-time champions like Triple H and others.

Check out the interview below:

Bret Hart to make an autograph appearance at The Wrestling Universe in Flushing, NY on February 22, 2014

Bret Hart flyerWrestling legend Bret Hart will be making an autograph appearance at The Wrestling Universe in Flushing (Queens) NY on Saturday afternoon February 22nd from 12-2pm.  Also appearing will be Angelina Love, Santana Garrett, and Chasity Taylor.

Pro Wrestling Syndicate presents “Homecoming Havoc” on Saturday night February 22nd as PWS returns home to The Rahway Rec Center on 275 East Milton Ave in Rahway NJ for the first time in over a year since Hurricane Sandy damaged the venue.

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Bret “Hitman” Hart talks about his greatest rival in the ring

BretHart109WWE Hall of Famer Bret Hart recently spoke with The Metro to promote WWE 2K14. Here are some highlights:

The new game features a ‘30 years of WrestleMania’ mode. What are your greatest memories of the ones in which you fought?
WrestleMania was a very special event for me, a bit like an American footballer playing in the Superbowl. I was there from the second one in 1986 to WrestleMania XIII in 1997. Facing The Nasty Boys at WrestleMania VII was one of my best tag-team matches and solidified my solo career, which virtually commenced the next day. Then Rowdy Roddy Piper at WrestleMania VIII established that my style and storylines were always going to be a little different to Hulk Hogan or Sycho Sid [Sid Vicious].

Bret “Hitman” Hart talks with Arda Ocal about the dangers of traveling the Stampede territories, and more

Bret Hart 2Arda Ocal (@arda_ocal) recently caught up with WWE Hall of Famer Bret “Hitman” Hart (@BretHart). In the interview, Hart talks about traveling up the roads in treacherous weather conditions for his father Stu in Stampede wrestling, the coldest he’s ever felt, and Hart recalls a time wrestling outdoors in India vs the late Yokozuna that led to one of the grossest things he had ever seen in the ring during his career.

Smith Hart is now writing for

smith-hartThe first son of Stu Hart and the oldest brother of Bret Hart and Owen Hart, Smith Hart is now writing for Hart posted his debut column talking about WWE and problems in pro wrestling today. Here is an excerpt from his first entry:

“I recently posted on my twitter account, @smithhart1, a simple comment that in return received plenty of replies. The comment read:

“Fans wonder why Cena gets pushes so hard its simple. Cena fans buy ppvs, punk/bryan fans are more apt to pirate ppvs”.

This comment was not meant to disparage CM Punk, Daniel Bryan or John Cena or for that matter any other talented internet darling.

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Bret “The Hitman” Hart participated in a Twitter Q&A this week

bret-hart_94791-1600x1200Bret “The Hitman” Hart participated in a Q&A on his Twitter account this week. Here are a few questions he answered.

Bret Hart would you ever consider doing some freelance “road agenting” for the WWE?
Bret Hart: boxbrown Sure … I would think about it. But I certainly would not want to go back on the road again.

What’s one major change you’d make to the presentation of the WWE TV product?
Bret Hart: I would make the Slammy’s a legitimate awards night. Where the best bumpers, dramatic performance and spectacular move are credited

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