Review of the November 21, 2013 edition of TNA Turning Point

Turning PointWelcome to the TNA Turning Point review.

Dixie Carter comes to the ring; she thanks Sport Illustrated about her and praises them. She talks about AJ Styles, She says that she has no sympathy for him and she is ticked off at him. Dixie says that she has lawyers waiting around the country but is interrupted by James Storm. He says that she saw what happened to him last night at the bar, the crowd chants his name. He says that Bobby Roode jumped him from behind on purpose and tonight in their bull rope match isn’t enough. He says that he will uses chairs, tables and he wants a Florida death match. She says she doesn’t care about what he wants but he says that the police asked him did he want to press charges. He threatens her that if she doesn’t give him the match that he wants then she will have legal issues. She says don’t take that tone with her but he says that’s what the fans want. He asks her nicely what he wants and she says yes if he doesn’t press charges.

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Review of the November 14, 2013 edition of TNA IMPACT!

tna_impactOpening Segment: Bull Ray and the other two members of aces and eights come to the ring. Ray hugs and screams at Mike Tenay that he fell for it. Ray starts out with asking us do you know who I am. He calls himself a puppet master and he played all of us. He said the group isn’t about quantity its about quality. He says he doesn’t need to be world champion to be the guy everyone is talking about. He says no one tries to dive a wedge between the aces and eights. He says he will pile-drive him through the stage. MR. Anderson comes out and says he is extremely sick and tired of aces and eights. Anderson says he will not only beat Ray next week but aces and eights are done as well because he will put a match together for him. Anderson’s career vs. aces and eights being a group. Ray says Anderson is crazy to make a stipulation like that, Anderson says he is crazy then all hell breaks loose. He attacks ray then they start brawling with Anderson getting the advantage.

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Column: TNA vs. WWE Supercard: Could it happen?


TNA vs. WWE Supercard: Could it happen?

by Tom G of

Growing up, one of my favorite wrestling magazines was “Wrestling Superstars.” Looking back there isn’t much I can tell you about the difference between the so-called “Apter mags,” however “Superstars” standsout because 1) it didn’t come out every month (which made it seem more special) and 2) each issue featured a “dream match,” a special article where one of the writer’s would tell and imaginary tale (well, perhaps the entire magazine was imaginary) that most often set-up a match between stars of two different promotions. Seeing that there has been some talk of a TNA vs. WWE Supercard (by TNA folks, and less likely to happen then Undertaker losing at Wrestlemania) I’ve decided to present my scenario for how such an event might take place.

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The Dudleys head to ‘Legends of the Ring’ June 8, 2013 in Monroe, NJ


Get the tables…..   LEGENDS OF THE RING Goes “3P”!

Statistically the most successful tag team in wrestling history makes their long overdue debut to LOTR.  Bully Ray and Devon – FKA “Team 3D” and “The Dudley Boys” and now collectively part of TNA’s Aces and Eights’s faction  head their way to LOTR on June 8th in Monroe NJ. Specific time for the signing will be announced soon. It will fall between regular convention hours.

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OWW X Factor: Re-branding TNA – Making a Great Wrestling Promotion

X factor

Okay so I must admit that I have hoped for a while now that TNA would take the necessary steps to more or less fill the void of WCW and the void of Nitro. But I’ve come to the realization that the people running TNA simply don’t know what it takes to be a force in the Wrestling industry (WWE knew but has forgotten about 12 years ago). TNA much like WWE doesn’t know how to move on from past methods that worked and current methods that have not worked. What wrestling needs is a culture change, much like the one that occurred in 1996. And NO I don’t mean Hogan turning heel and forming the nWo. The culture change began earlier in the year when ECW really got heated up with talents like Raven, Tommy Dreamer, and Shane Douglas through various angles.

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Recent Bully Ray interview

bully-ray reporter Michael Bluth writes that TNA star Bully Ray recently appeared on Sam Roberts’ Sirius XM satellite radio show and spoke about being initiated in WWE by JBL, Ron Simmons and Vince McMahon.  “When me and Devon first got to WWE, they thought that they were going to have a real problem with us because there was another tag team that had come in from ECW that left a real bad taste in people’s mouth and they were The Public Enemy… They went there and they had really, really bad attitudes…

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