CAC Radio features the 2014 Iron Mike honoree Terry Taylor

CAC Radio logoCAC Radio features the 2014 Iron Mike honoree Terry Taylor!

On this edition of CAC Radio, David and Morgan welcome the 2014 Iron Mike Honoree Terry Taylor to the show. Terry talks about his career from the beginning to what he is doing today to keep the sport of professional wrestling going stronger than ever.  Find out how honored Terry is to be coming to the CAC reunion.

We hope you enjoy this interview as much as David and Morgan did.

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OWW’s David Buckler talks WWE, Cauliflower Alley Club, Miss Elizabeth, Vince McMahon, and more on the Sterling Eyes Podcast

SterlingOWW’s editor-in-chief David Buckler (@dlb19338) talks about the WWE, Hershey Park Arena, the Cauliflower Alley Club, Beth Phoenix, the Undertaker, Miss Elizabeth, Wrestlemania XXX, Vince McMahon, and more on this recent edition of the Sterling Eyes Podcast!

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The Sterling Eyes Wrestling Podcast Extravaganza is a UK based podcast hosted by Sterling Mantooth and Dead Eyes; reviewing and critiquing old school wrestling PPV’s from the 80?s and 90?s with the occasional special feature thrown in. In our show we look back in time at some of the all time greats who have made the business what it is today and rip into some of the absolute jobbers who have somehow managed to build a successful career. Prepare yourselves for foul language, lots of laughs, tons of wrestling trivia and history, backstage stories, insights, and a great trip down memory lane.

Famous belt maker Rico Mann joins CAC Radio

CAC Radio logoFamous belt maker Rico Mann joins CAC Radio!

Join CAC Executive Board Member Morgan Dollar and his radio cohost David Buckler as they welcome Mr. Rico Mann to the program. Rico talks about his partnership with Dave Millican and Reggie Parks and how they have created championship belts for the world’s largest wrestling promotions. Rico also talks about working with superstars such as Madonna and KISS, the one-of-a-kind CAC Honoree belt they donate to the club every year. and how much he enjoys coming to the CAC Reunion. In addition, Morgan and David spend some time discussing the 2014 award nominees, William Moody’s inclusion in the WWE Hall of Fame, and much more. We hope you enjoy the program!

Check out and for more information on these great championship belts!

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“I Ain’t No Pig Farmer!” by Dean Silverstone now available

Silverstone“I Ain’t No Pig Farmer!” by Dean Silverstone, edited by Scott Teal

“I suddenly felt the earth tremble, as if we had been hit by an earthquake.  I began to wonder if a natural disaster would be my savior and help me escape what I thought would be my Waterloo.  But, no.  It wasn’t an earthquake.  It was the wild-eyed, out-of-control human beings breaking the ring apart from the outside.  The wrestling ring, which weighed close to 1,800 pounds, was being shaken back and forth and side to side by the angry mob.”

In an era when few people were allowed into professional wrestling’s inner circle, Dean Silverstone pitched the idea of publishing an arena program to Harry Elliott, the wrestling promoter in Seattle, Washington.  Harry gave him permission and Dean’s career as a wrestling publicist began … when he was only 14 years old.

An entrepreneur in every sense of the word, Dean wrote, created, printed, and sold the programs at Seattle’s Senator Auditorium and Masonic Temple for the next 11 years.  During that time, he also would promote spot shows, referee, write and handle publicity for Elliott’s promotion, act as box-office manager, and run a few towns of his own.
Dean never wanted to be in the spotlight.  He simply wanted to write about, referee, and promote the superstars of wrestling.  When Elliott closed shop, Dean went into business for himself and formed Super Star Championship Wrestling.

Dean tells about putting together a roster of talent and struggling to build his company, despite opposition from other promoters, who considered him to be an outlaw.  In the process, he faced anti-Semitism, unpredictable actions from his talent, crowd riots, warnings from the Hell’s Angels, collapsing rings, the tragic death of one of his top wrestlers, and even a Molotov cocktail.  Through it all, he developed a rapport and trust between himself and the wrestlers he employed.

His story includes opening Golden Oldies Records — a retail business venture which would eventually grow to eleven stores in all parts of Washington state — hosting an annual reunion for veteran and retired wrestlers, and working on the board of directors for the Cauliflower Alley Club.

Finally, the story of Chris Colt’s time in Washington is told here for the very first time.  The story fills an entire chapter and contains many of the sordid details of one of wrestling’s most eccentric characters.

This is the story of a self-made man, who, in his own words, was “born at just the right time in history.”

Order the book here!

Trish Stratus congratulates her trainer Ron Hutchison on his CAC award

Trish with RonCourtesy of

One of the people most important to Trish Stratus‘ development in and out of the ring is being recognized by the wrestling industry this year.

On Wednesday, the Cauliflower Alley Club announced that Ron Hutchison would be receiving the first ever CAC Trainer’s Award as part of their annual Honorees.

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CAC Radio Holiday Edition: President Nick Bockwinkel and Canadian star Dan Kroffat

CAC Radio logoOn this edition of CAC Radio, David and Morgan bring you the 2013 Seasons Greetings edition of CAC Radio. Our first guest is the President of the CAC, a WWE Hall of Famer, and former AWA world champion, the legend himself Nick Bockwinkel!

Our second guest, Dan Kroffat is a Canadian wrestling legend and a major supporter of the CAC.  From the Hart Dungeon to the squared circle, Dan has done so much in the wrestling industry. Listen to this interview and find out first hand how Dan became the original innovator of the “Ladder Match”!

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CAC Board Member Jason Sanderson – The Most Interesting (Wolfman) in New Hampshire

Jason SCourtesy of

Jason Sanderson – The Most Interesting (Wolfman) in New Hampshire

This wrestler-turned-novelist might be the only bishop with a beer named after him!

Some stereotypes stick harder than others — and professional wrestlers are forever stuck with the brawn-over-brains label. When he was the underdog candidate in the Minnesota gubernatorial election, former WWF star Jesse “The Body” Ventura posed as the Auguste Rodin sculpture “The Thinker” in a campaign ad while the narrator outlined his positions on education reform. Jesse “The Body” had become “Jesse The Mind.”

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CAC Radio – Episode #26: “Cowboy” Bob Kelly

CAC Radio logoOn this edition of CAC Radio, David and Morgan welcome CAC member and 2007 CAC Honoree Cowboy Bob Kelly. Cowboy is also the President of the Gulf Coast Wrestlers Reunion. From Kentucky to Mobile Alabama sit back and find out how Cowboy got started and what the CAC and the GCWR means to him.

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OWW Radio – CAC executive board member Morgan Dollar

OWW RadioWelcome to OWW Radio!  Each week hosts David (@dlb19338) and Alex (@AlexGoff84) will provide perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling.   A new episode will be posted each week.  This week David is joined by Morgan DollarMorgan is an executive board member for the Cauliflower Alley Club.  He is also the CAC banquet coordinator.  David and Morgan talk about the mission of the CAC, the fun times at the reunion in Las Vegas, and Morgan’s career as an award-winning referee.


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