Christopher Daniels discusses breaking into the business, his most serious injury, and more

ChrisDanielsCourtesy of and author Raj Giri (@RajGiri_303):

Raj Giri recently spoke with TNA Superstar Christopher Daniels. In the first part of the interview below, Daniels discussed breaking into the business, working for the WWF and WCW, growing up as a wrestling fan, his most serious injury and much more.You can follow him on Twitter @facdaniels , and check out his official website at this link.

Wrestling Inc: Did you grow up as a wrestling fan?

Christopher Daniels: Yeah. I grew up in Fayetteville, North Carolina where Fort Bragg is, basically where the Mid Atlantic territories were sort of based out of the Carolinas. So I grew up watching guys like Ric Flair, Dusty Rhodes and the Road Warriors. I got a chance to watch all those guys live. Magnum T.A. and the Rock ‘n’ Roll Express, the Midnight Express. But yeah, man. My dad took me there, to the Cumberland County Arena, to watch it as a kid and I just stuck with it I guess.

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Susan G. Komen Orange County launches a Holiday Jingle Campaign featuring Christopher Daniels

Susan KomenCourtesy of

From Actors and Reality Stars to Professional Wrestlers and News Anchors, Notable Personalities Sing to Help Komen Orange County Fund Life-Saving Mammograms:

In conjunction with #GivingTuesday, Susan G. Komen Orange County® today debuted its second holiday jingle campaign on YouTube ( to help raise funds for life-saving mammograms. This year, a handful of familiar faces – some new and some previous Komen holiday jingle participants – generously donated their time and voices to sing about funding mammograms to the tune of “Jingle Bells.” Last year, the first campaign, which parodied “Winter Wonderland,” helped the Affiliate net a 53 percent increase in funds for its year-end appeal.  With a new song and campaign, Komen Orange County is hoping to match or exceed those efforts in 2013.

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Recent Christopher Daniels interview


Just in time for San Diego Comic Con, Christopher Daniels was a guest on the Myth Media Podcast.

“Daniels discusses his 35 years as a comic book fan with specific attention paid to his favorite franchise, X-Men, and his favorite character Wolverine. In the interview, Daniels discusses how he became a fan, some of his favorite comic book runs over the years, how he feels about the “X-Men” film franchise,  what he thinks of “The Wolverine” just two weeks ahead of his release, and how he feels about the Quicksilver controversy. He also reveals how he continues to fuel his fandom for his favorites and other Marvel titles like “Avengers Arena” and “Guardians of the Galaxy.”

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Recent Christopher Daniels interview


Christopher Daniels was recently interviewed by

Given the short length of the average professional athlete’s career, Christopher Daniels’ 20 years (and counting) as a pro wrestler is quite an impressive feat.

Leveraging the same stamina and agility he exhibits on the mat, the theater-major-turned-grappler has traveled the world to entertain folks with his in-ring antics over the years.

Not only has Daniels worked for every major professional wrestling organization – including World Wrestling Entertainment(WWE) and World Wrestling Council (WCW) – but he’s also one of the top stars of TNA Impact Wrestling (Thursday nights on Spike TV), as well as regular Pay-Per-View events and both national and international tours.

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Christopher Daniels interviewed by USA Today

Daniels USA Today

Christopher Daniels geeks out for wrestling, comic books

by Brian Truitt

The ‘TNA Impact Wrestling’ star is a supervillain of the squared circle.

To be the best supervillain he can be in the wrestling ring, Christopher Daniels doesn’t have to go much farther than his own comic-book collection for his “bad” influences.

A fixture on Spike TV’s TNA Impact Wrestling every Thursday nights (8 ET/PT), Daniels is one-half of the brash tag team Bad Influence with Frankie Kazarian but also a devoted Marvel Comics fanboy who’s not opposed to wearing a Fantastic Four shirt in the ring every so often.

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Recent Christopher Daniels interview

Christopher Daniels 3

Editor’s note: the following interview with Christopher Daniels appeared in The Moaning News:

When did you first decide that a career in Wrestling was for you and if you had not gone into it what would you be doing?

Well I actually got into training in 1993 I was an actor before that doing children’s theatre and stuff like that and in between gig I decided to give professional wrestling a try just to say, I wanted to go through the school I found out about a school and just wanted to give it a try, and If I washed out and I failed I could say to my kids hey I give it a try. Because I grew up watching it I trained for three months and learned it all pretty quick how to do stuff and started wrestling three months later and I just kept with it and stuck with it and eventually I was popular enough where I would work all the time. All of a sudden I was working every weekend and doing tours in Japan and it sort of became my career not accidently but it snuck up on me. I decided after I was doing it full time that I was doing it full time. As far as what I would do if I wasn’t doing this. Probably still trying to do acting and some sort of theatre.

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The Big WrestleShark Show recently interviewed TNA star Christopher Daniels

christopher daniels 2

The Big WrestleShark Show recently had the opportunity to interview TNA star Christopher Daniels. In the full 30 minute interview, Daniels discussed his start in wrestling, traveling the world and 20 years in the pro-wrestling industry, XXX, his views on the Indy scene, his beginings in TNA, the end of his feud with AJ Styles, his tumultuous relationship with TNA and much more.  Some highlights can be found below:

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ROH Ringside – Issue #6

In issue number four, I talked about the first R.O.H. show (“Era of Honor begins”). Now I wanted to talk about their second show, however, overall since this show does not have anything super spectacular about it, except for a couple of matches I decided to focus this issue on the mini-feud between Christopher Daniels, Low Ki and American Dragon Bryan Danielson (damnit, took me three tries to get his name write, because I’m actually getting used to Daniel Bryan), that happened during both the first and second R.O.H. show.

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