Hitting the Ropes – No More Sunny Days

Recently Tammy Lynn Sytch, Sunny, has been in the news for all the wrong reasons.  As we all know Sunny has had some highly visible personal issues in the past.  We all hoped that she had overcome her demons and moved on to a better place.  But her recent arrests make it pretty clear that she is still struggling on many levels.  She may claim on Twitter that she is fine, that she’s got her act together, but sadly we can see this isn’t true.

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Chyna recalls confronting Stephanie McMahon

Chyna, who is clamoring for a one night return to WWE to properly say goodbye to her fans, recounted the nature of her departure from the sports-entertainment company in 2001 on Twitter Sunday night.

She sorely recalled how she discovered that Triple H, her then-boyfriend, had been having an affair with Stephanie McMahon, as well as the aftermath, which included a behind closed doors confrontation with the WWE chief’s daughter. She wrote, “Let me ask all of my followers. Would you liketo know why I left the WWE? Ok then Let me explain this. If you didn’t know, Triple H & I were engaged during the time of the Mcmahon/Helmsley Takeover on Raw. About 6 months into that storyline, Paul would come home and start arguments with me for no reason and leave out for a few days. After he left one day, he left the Haliburton brief case that I gave him in the house. Now, I’m not one to be snooping but something just Didn’t feel right. I opened it up and found a love letter that Stephaniewrote to him a year earlier saying that she was in love with him. I called Vince up and told him what I found out. He just replied that the jig was up.

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