FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Stop Whining and Get in the Ring!

Falls-Count-AnywhereHere we go again, another CM Punk disagreement with management.  Hard to believe, I know.  About a year ago, while writing for another publisher, I wrote about how Punk was the unrivaled best in the world.

CM Punk

CM Punk

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JR discusses CM Punk’s departure in his latest blog

JRWWE Hall of Famer Jim Ross is back with a new blog on jrsbarbq.com. As always, you can purchase JR’s BBQ products on WWEshop.com.

Here are some highlights from this entry:

- Getting lots of feedback on the blog that I wrote about the WWE and CM Punk matter. Your opinion is just as valid as mine but no issue can be resolved in any arena without communication and the desire to communicate.

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Newsday.com presents: “WWE Network must grow, not gut, Monday Night Raw, says ex-ESPN exec” by Josh Stewart

wwe-network LOGONewsday.com presents: “WWE Network must grow, not gut, Monday Night Raw, says ex-ESPN exec” by Josh Stewart

On Monday night, one of WWE’s current Superstars, CM Punk, teamed with one of its greatest tag teams of the past, the New Age Outlaws. The Outlaws turned on Punk, leaving him to be pummeled by the dastardly Shield on USA’s Monday Night Raw.

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Falls Count Anywhere: Daniel Bryan, The Shield, Unified Champion, and more


Hello once again wrestling fans.  A lot has happened since my last article, therefore, once again….Let’s get to it!

Daniel Bryan

This guy’s potential is absolutely endless.  The week of TLC, WWE broadcast Raw from Bryan’s home state of Washington.  The reaction for him anywhere else is strong.  However, in Seattle, the people seemed to get louder, the longer the night went on.  Why they are not using him in the main card is beyond comprehension.  Randy Orton, and much to my regret John Cena are major players, however, when chants of “Dan-iel Bry-an” and “Yes” drown out the promo’s with almost every major champion over the past decade in the ring.  That speaks volumes.  I like the Wyatt family, it’s a great new group of characters, but Daniel Bryan should not be wasted with them.  In my mind, along with CM Punk, Daniel Bryan is the best in the business today.  They should be at least used like it.

Grantland.com presents: “Can Indie Wrestling Survive in WWE?”

Daniel Bryan 2The following article appears on Grantland.com and was written by The Masked Man:

Last Monday, John Cena (the actual face of WWE) interrupted an in-ring conversation between Randy Orton (the story line “face of WWE”) and Triple H (the actual and story line front-office figure). In trying to make sense of the crowd’s seeming revolt of late — incessantly invoking Daniel Bryan’s “Yes!” chant, not shelling out for PPVs, ignoring Randy Orton — Cena posited: “You wanna know why they cheer for Daniel Bryan? You wanna know why they chant ‘Yes’? It’s because they’re sick of the administrative B.S.”

Pro wrestling is an art that works in broad strokes, a form with simplicity at its core, so when trying to figure out an answer, Occam’s razor usually does the trick. It could be that fans are disappointed that Bryan got shuffled ungraciously from the main event picture, only to be replaced by the Big Show, who usurped Bryan’s “Yes!” chant and who, combined with Orton, sucked all the air out of the arena at Survivor Series. Bryan, meanwhile, was paired with CM Punk to take on a group of evil newcomers named the Wyatt Family. As compelling as the Wyatts may be, the feud was widely seen as a demotion for Bryan and Punk. Not everybody can be in the main event every month (except Cena), and the Wyatt feud was good for what it was — and even better for the joy of seeing Punk and Bryan together in the ring and in interviews. The real problem wasn’t their absence in the main event — it was the absence of dynamism in the Orton-Show story line. WWE sensed this and ended the Survivor Series main event with John Cena — who had concluded his own milquetoast feud with Alberto Del Rio earlier in the night — storming to the ring and holding up his World Heavyweight Championship belt as Orton held the WWE Championship belt, making the universal sign for a champion-vs.-champion match.

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Review of the December 2, 2013 edition of WWE Raw

Raw 3Opening Segment: We are live in Oklahoma City, CM Punk Comes to the ring, He says he knows why The Shield attacked him and it’s because he criticized Triple H. He says he wants to live in his WWE universe but calls the “King of Kings’ dense. He says that Triple and the “Authority” are the biggest losers he has ever seen. Stephanie McMahon comes out and wishes us a happy thanksgiving. She says that there is no way that Triple H had The Shield attack him because its below them She says they were just as upset that The Shield attacked him then she hypes the Contract Signing later tonight. She adds that if he has any other comments then he can ask Kane. He comes out; he says the “Authority” had nothing to do with the attack. Punk asks him when he became an ass kisser but Kane advise him not to go down this road. Kane adds that they are not the enemy and not to go down this path. Punk challenges him and Kane wants to but Stephanie holds him back. The Shield comes out; they surround the ring as Punk gets a chair. Stephanie stops them and tells them to respect Punk. Kane announces that CM Punk will take on The Shield (all three members) at TLC.

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My ideal booking for the Tables, Ladders & Chairs PPV

TLCNow I don’t know the order nor the matches that are set in stone for this PPV but I want to make a match card and explain how I would book it. These may be wrong and not the brightest.

TLC Match For Both WWE and World Heavyweight Titles: John Cena Vs. Randy Orton 
Many people think this is the unification match for both titles but I would say you’re wrong. I see this as what it should be. Cena goes on to win it; He holds both titles until WrestleMania 30. Randy Orton wins the Royal Rumble and challenges Cena to a unification match at WM 30. The winner is the “Undisputed Champion” of the WWE. I would have John Cena go over to make the title prestige once again and they would go on to feud over the title. It gives both men a mission and a storyline for the next couple months.

Alberto Del Rio Vs. The Big Show For the Right For the Big Show to face Triple H at Royal Rumble PPV. 
For months now the rumor as been Big Show and Triple H will get a match together down the road. Most of the past couple months have felt like that with Big Show being broke storyline and Triple H costing him the WWE Title at Survivor Series. With Del Rio kicking him in the head and probably a concussion storyline on Raw. This will make sense to have all men have a program. Big Show blames the “Authority” AKA Triple H for not letting him compete for the next two weeks. Then the stipulation is added.

CM Punk, Daniel Bryan and Rhode Brothers Vs. Wyatt Family, Roman Reigns and Seth Rollins in a 8 Man Tag Team Table Match
Punk and Bryan was taken out by Both Wyatt Family and The Shield on Raw. The Rhode Brothers already have a feud with The Shield. Have the Rhode Bothers come to their rescue and they team up in a match of the night candidate. Have Reigns spear one of them through a table and continue this feud between Punk and Bryan Vs. the Wyatt’s.

Tornado Style Chair Tag Team Match: Mark Henry and Big E. Langston Vs. Curtis Axel and Ryback 
On this past week’s Raw we saw Henry and Langston tag up. They were dominating and for some odd reason WWE keeps the former “Heyman Guys” together. All four men have a history so why not let me go at it. Have Henry and Langston in a dominate style

Ladder Match: The Miz Vs. Kofi Kingston
It’s the opening match or Pre-Show match. Let them go out and burn down the house. Have Kingston go over to further more make Miz mad and push him closer to being a heel.

Divas Title Match: Brie Bella Vs. AJ Lee ©
They been teasing for Brie to finally beat AJ and at this PPV let her go over. New Champion!

Do you agree? Disagree? Or even think these matches happen. Let me know.

— Andy

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