Bob’s Random Rumblings – Yearly Review: Ring Of Honor 2002

Random Rumblings

A look back at the first year of Ring of Honor.

ROH World Championship Scene:

The June 22nd show was dedicated to crowning the first ROH Heavyweight Champion. The tournament involved sixteen men. Spanky, Douglas Williams, Low Ki and Christopher Daniels won their respective semi-final matches which would lead to a 60-minute Ironman match at the July 27th show.

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As CM Punk prepared to battle at WWE Payback in his hometown of Chicago, presented sixteen instances that helped define “The Best in the World,” including another unforgettable Illinois moment when Punk left WWE with its most prestigious title.

View the video list here:

Bob’s Random Rumblings – Ten Wrestlers Who Would’ve Made It In ECW

Random Rumblings

Ten guys who would’ve been worked well in the original Extreme Championship Wrestling.

CM Punk
Without a doubt CM Punk would have been a staple of ECW television for many years had Extreme Championship Wrestling continued on. The idea of a Punk/RVD feud in 2001 would surely be a money maker for the company and would probably produce matches that we would all remember for years to come. Punk’s ability in the ring and ability to get himself over on the microphone makes him the perfect guy for Paul Heyman to push ECW forward.

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Recent Bruno Sammartino interview

bruno-sammartino-at-san-gennaro-feastCourtesy of

Here is a recent interview with WWE Hall of Famer Bruno Sammartino, who spoke with ‘Inside The Ropes’:

Thoughts on Billy Graham’s recent comments about him:

“I think I feel sorry for him. I think he’s done so much drugs throughout his career that his brains been burned out because he speaks of things he knows nothing about. For example in my own situation, he knows very well that when I spoke about WWE and was very critical about them, that he had heard me say if they changed everything that I would change my mind. He heard me from years ago saying yes I would. He’s been critical of the Professional Wrestling Hall of Fame in Amsterdam, New York and he wanted out of that because he got mad at somebody, I don’t know who. He recently was appalled at CM Punk because he said something about me wrestling in the Garden once a month. The things that Billy Graham says, I really have no idea why he says them. He talks about things without really knowing all the facts. I just think there’s something wrong with the man.”

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Recent CM Punk interview with Busted Open Radio

PunkDavid Dexter reports that CM Punk recently spoke with Busted Open Radio about a variety of topics heading into WrestleMania. Check out the highlights:

On what drives him: “I think I’m the angriest man in WWE. If I’m great to anybody, if I’m great at all in anything I do I think it’s because I’m so determined. I’m a malcontent. I’m never happy with what I’m doing business-wise. I always want to be doing something else. I always want to be doing something more not something else. I want what’s next; what’s more, what’s bigger, what’s better.” Continue reading

ROH Ringside – Issue #9

ROH RingsideROH Ringside 9

I’ve noticed lately that there is some talk about R.O.H. wrestlers having success in the W.W.E. So I decided to give my two cents on the matter, to see where R.O.H. Stars of yesteryear are today, and how they’ve become successful.

I may not know much, but I would imagine that today’s success of Indy wrestlers in W.W.E. and or T.N.A. is not much different than the W.W.E. of yesteryear. Hulk Hogan went to W.W.E. from A.W.A. Shawn Michaels was also in A.W.A., I believe, and Bret Hart came from Stampede Wrestling. There were more territories back then, and so I would imagine that more wrestles to scout, then there are today, but the talent is still there.

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OWW Radio – David and Alex preview Wrestlemania 29

OWW Radio

Welcome to OWW Radio!  Each week hosts David (@dlb19338) and Alex (@AlexGoff84) will provide perspective to the WWE, TNA, and everything else making news in the world of professional wrestling.   A new episode will be posted each Friday.

This week David and Alex chat about the big weekend in New York, including the WWE Hall of Fame inductions, WrestleCon, and of course Wrestlemania 29 itself.  It’s safe to say that Alex is not looking forward to CM Punk’s match with the Undertaker!

Listen to the episode here:

Recent C.M. Punk interview


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WWE superstar CM Punk was interviewed by Mark Madden this week on Pittsburgh’s 105.9 the X radio station to promote his upcoming match against The Undertaker at WrestleMania 29. Among the topics discussed were:

  • His strategy heading into WrestleMania & how to make the Undertaker seem vulnerable
  • Whether not needing the WWE title to be popular being a blessing or a curse
  • The “Ric Flair dynamic” of getting cheered as a heel
  • His primary goal during his 434 day title reign
  • Being a great talker, being aligned with another great talker in Paul Heyman and avoiding overkill
  • If he gets to slow down and enjoy that he’s one of the top guys in WWE

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