First CZW ‘Tournament of Death’ match announced for June 8, 2013


First CZW ‘Tournament of Death’ Match for June 8 Announced – – –

CZW ‘Wired TV’ airs on Time Warner Cable on Saturdays (Friday night into Saturday morning) at 12 am midnight on channel 106!

Quick Results from CZW ‘Proving Grounds’ & WSU ‘Queen & King Tournament’
(Both available at

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OWW’s This Week in Wrestling – March 24, 2013


OWW’s This Week In Wrestling

March 24, 2013

CZW ‘Wanted’

March 9, 2013

Hale Collins & David Star defeated Ben Ortiz & Vik Delicious

Pepper Parks w/ Cherry Bomb defeated Roberto Castillo

Shane Strickland defeated Bandido Jr.

Jessicka Havok & Nevaeh went to a Double Countout (WSU’s Denver Colorado joined Dan Cowhey on commentary)

Alex Reynolds defeated Greg Excellent, Alex Colon, and Shane Hollister

Pepper Park & Cherry Bomb gave the nutrition facts for the concession stand products and stated they have big plans for WrestleCon

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’30 Minute Radio’ podcast with CZW’s DJ Hyde

DJFresh off of our interview with Blk Jeez, The Wrestling Guys were preparing to interview CZW promoter DJ Hyde, focusing on his recent trip to Japan.  Then the bombshell hit.

CZW issued the following press release: – CZW is announcing that CZW, LLC and Pancoast Productions, Inc. have agreed to terminate their business relationship. Pancoast Productions, Inc. was the parent company of our preferred DVD and iPPV vendor, HybridEnt.TV. Pancoast Productions, Inc. and HybridEnt.TV should be contacted directly with questions regarding the status of orders made through them. This separation has caused CZW to cancel the ‘Ultraviolent Underground’ event scheduled for February 2, as this iPPV was to be streamed exclusively on HybridEnt.TV. According to CZW Vice President Maven Bentley, “CZW will miss the dedication brought to all projects by the Pancoast Productions, Inc. team and wish them well in their future ventures.” will continue to have vendors linked that carry CZW products so our loyal followers may continue to get their fix of ultraviolence. As CZW enters into its fourteenth anniversary on Saturday, February 9, many changes will be coming to the Combat Zone. Bentley added, “as we evolve into our next phase, we ensure fans our in ring action will remain LIKE NOTHING ELSE!.” All energies are focused on CZW ’14?, the fourteenth anniversary event, on Saturday, February 9, 2013, in a deadly doubleheader with Women Superstars Uncensored. WSU begins at 4 pm, CZW at 7:30 pm.

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