Hitting the Ropes: Saying Good-bye to WrestleMania, New Orleans, the Streak,…and the Ultimate Warrior

HTR_3Hitting the Ropes: Saying Good-bye to WrestleMania, New Orleans, the Streak,…and the Ultimate Warrior

As I was flying home Monday morning from New Orleans, heading to Washington DC, I thought back on a memorable and thrilling WrestleMania weekend.  Most of my friends stayed in town to go to Monday Night Raw at the Smoothie Center.  The Raw after WrestleMania is always a great show; however I chose to skip it this year.  It was time for me to head home.  I’m 40 years old now and being away from my 2 young children is hard on the entire family.   My wife is nice enough to “let” me go to WrestleMania ever year but I need to be respectful and come home the next day.  So my yearly trip is now a few days shorter.  But honestly I’m not sure how much more excitement I could have handled.

New Orleans and WrestleMania XXX were collectively magnificent.

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AS I SEE IT: Thoughts from WrestleMania XXX

AISIAS I SEE IT: Thoughts from WrestleMania XXX
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

Ever think Brian Danielson would win the WWE World Heavyweight Title…and have it not be the primary subject of discussion from a Wrestlemania 30?

Nope. Not me.
Everyone who writes about wrestling from the mega-sites like the Wrestling Observer and PWinsider.com to the smallest message board figured they’d be writing about Brian Danielson this morning.

Newsday.com features Daniel Bryan, Batista, and more from the WWE Wrestlemania 30 press conference

Daniel Bryan 2

Courtesy of Newsday.com:

The most important action of Tuesday’s WrestleMania 30 news conference at Hard Rock Café in Times Square didn’t take place on the podium.

To the stage’s left, behind the press chairs, Josh Mathews spoke to the Bella Twins live on the WWE Network before the event began. Scribes turned their backs to the stage and took pictures of that broadcast, part of the biggest gamble Vince McMahon has taken since mortgaging everything he had to put WrestleMania I at Madison Square Garden on closed-circuit TV.

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AS I SEE IT: Thoughts on Daniel Bryan “occupying” RAW

AISIAS I SEE IT: Thoughts on Daniel Bryan “occupying” RAW
Bob Magee
Pro Wrestling: Between the Sheets

From last week’s column:

“Unless tonight brings Hulk Hogan’s announcement (using the rationale that the host of Wrestlemania XX give him the right) that he’s making a match for Mania with HHH vs. Bryan, I don’t know how they avoid turning fans off once and for all.

To me, the only thing that works is Hogan making the HHH vs. Bryan match for Wrestlamania 30; and making it the opening match as a qualifier for Bryan to join Batista vs. Orton in the main event if he wins. But even if we do get HHH vs. Bryan, how do you make fans believe there’s not going to be one more screwjob finish [in that match], with The Shield, Kane, Stephanie McMahon and the 101st Airborne rushing in to interfere?”

Well….it didn’t quite happen THAT way, but the end result wound up the same. I think.

Daniel Bryan has his match with HHH at Wrestlemania 30. Presumably that results in his insertion in the main event.  The way they GOT there was typical WWE, somewhat overthought, with a large helping of that campiness that WWE has been known for over the years.

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ClickWrestle special match: Daniel Bryan vs. Chance Beckett

Before he was one of the top stars in the WWE, Daniel Bryan wrestled across the country as the American Dragon. Here he takes on Chance Beckett in a match that continues the tradition of the Michaels and Hart feud as Daniel Bryan was trained by Shawn Michaels while Chance Beckett was trained by the Harts.

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FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Christian, Batista, Cesaro, and More!

Falls Count AnywhereHello dear wrestling fans, here we go with another addition of Falls Count Anywhere.  This week, I thought I cover a little bit on various topics that are on the minds of not only myself, but many wrestling fans.  There is a lot of things I’ve liked a lot, and a few that have been perplexing to say the least.  Let’s get going!

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John Cena comments on Daniel Bryan’s popularity, and more

Cena 3John Cena recently spoke with Zap2It.com to promote his BodyChange fitness program.

Regarding Daniel Bryan maintaining his popularity and continuing to grow, Cena said, “Predicting the next WWE Superstar is like predicting the crooked stock market at the turn of the 19th century. You just can’t. That’s what’s beautiful about the WWE audience, that’s why I love it so much. It changes everyday, every arena, every city. I don’t know who will be next but I will keep trying to put people front and center so the WWE Universe gets a good look at people.”

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FALLS COUNT ANYWHERE: Stop Whining and Get in the Ring!

Falls-Count-AnywhereHere we go again, another CM Punk disagreement with management.  Hard to believe, I know.  About a year ago, while writing for another publisher, I wrote about how Punk was the unrivaled best in the world.

CM Punk

CM Punk

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Newsday.com presents: “WWE’s Mick Foley smashes TV to protest WWE, support Daniel Bryan over Royal Rumble slight”

Mick F 2Editor’s note: This column originally appeared on www.newsday.com and was written by Josh Stewart.

When notorious squared-circle spendthrift Mick Foley takes a baseball bat to fully functioning electronics, you know something isn’t right with the world.

But the three-time WWE champion and 2013 Hall of Fame inductee couldn’t help it after he felt WWE Superstar Daniel Bryan was unfairly excluded from last Sunday’s Royal Rumble PPV match.

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